Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Microstory 148: Hector Cubit

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Hector Cubit started out as a prison guard for the court marshalls. When there is a prison break, a marshall in the fugitive department will choose a guard to accompany him or her on the investigation. Hector was that one when Straton Giles was unlawfully released from, though not technically broken out of, prison. Leads dried up rather quickly, but Hector was still recommended to transfer over to the fugitive department. He served with honor, and caught a number of high-value criminals for the marshalls, but he gave it all up to go back home. His hometown never quite approved of him leaving to pursue his dreams, but after his breakup with Donna Belmonte, he felt like they needed to put some distance between each other. After years, however, the wounds had healed, and the town needed him. The sheriff was getting too old and it was time for him to retire. They couldn’t trust anyone else to protect Donna’s secret that she could donate an endless supply of her own organs, and Hector was the only one with any law enforcement experience. He returned and accepted the position, keeping Donna and everyone else safe from the prying eyes of the outside world. He discovered something interesting from his new job. The organization that took his first fugitive out of prison ended up in his town, looking for Donna. He was very protective of her, but surrendered to her wishes to join the movement. He joined along with her, with some conditions. It was he who suggested that Bellevue come out of the shadows and announce itself to the world. They were worried about backlash, but he assured them that the only way to earn the trust of the people was to start early, before too many bad things had happened behind closed doors. And he was right. The world quickly accepted and relied on them. Hector continued to protect anyone who needed his help, eventually becoming the first agent of the new Bellevue. He even died once.

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