Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Microstory 147: Emmanuelle Langlais

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As the sister of Andrew, Emmanuelle Langlais could heal people of their diseases, but only by taking the disease into herself. In order to be rid of it completely, she would then have to transfer it over to her brother. When they joined Bellevue, Emmanuelle suggested that they start a foundation that would heal people on the regular, in an official capacity. But before this happened, they were healing anyone they could get their hands on. They would often sneak into the long-term care units of hospitals at night and heal one, maybe two at a time. But they could not safely do this alone, because they would need a way to cover their tracks. A patrolman, sympathetic to their cause, provided backup. She would monitor security cameras and guards, making sure that there was no evidence that they were involved. Unfortunately, Emmanuelle grew too enthusiastic about their calling. She started to heal more people at one time than she should have, forcing her brother and the patrolman to go along with it. Word was spreading too quickly that something was happening in the area hospitals. A Domestic Affairs Service agent caught wind of the rumors, and opened an investigation, quickly discovering the siblings’ operation. He was prepared to send them up the chain of command, but Emmanuelle was able to convince him otherwise. Instead of reporting his findings to his supervisor, he agreed to add his expertise to the patrolman’s protection. He helped them garner special permission from the government to drop out of tertiary school at only 15 years old, months before reaching the age of majority. And so they continued their secret crusade of healing, but this time with far greater latitude, until being discovered by Bellevue. As Emmanuelle and Andrew were forming their healing foundation, the DAS agent and patrolman partnered up to become two of the first agents of the new Bellevue.

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