Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Microstory 552: Woman Reaches Naked Orange Plex Swimming

The thing about simplex dimensions is that they’re full of energy. This is perfect for us, because everything that needs to get done requires energy, in some form. Organic creatures consume food, utilize its nutrients and caloric value, and then expel the rest later. A house is heated and cooled using energy collected from solar rays. Land vehicles used to run on this crude form of fuel called petrol. What the simplex dimensions—also known as the astral planes—do for us is allow us to travel great distances at very short intervals. They do this not only by giving us a shortcut around normal space, but also by providing an endless supply of energy. Interstellar spaceships are designed to accrue this energy to power the vessels themselves while they’re within astral space. It’s a very convenient sort of symbiotic relationship we have with the universe, but it comes at a cost. In order for this energy to be what is it, it must also be dangerous. Enter plex radiation stage left. Plex matter being volatile enough to make vessels operate means that it’s just volatile in general. Radiation can be extremely detrimental to even the heartiest of beings. No known living creature is capable of withstanding infinite amounts of radiation poisoning, but all creatures can be shielded. That’s another thing that spacefaring vessels do for us. They provide a space for us to wait and move around, but they’re also a barrier so that the deadly radiation found all over the cosmos doesn’t harm us. But bulkheads aren’t the only kind of shielding technology we have.

The advancement of materials sciences has led to the discovery of nanofibres capable of radiation shielding even at the smallest of thickness. Telekinetic bubbles can keep radiation at bay so that it doesn’t get anywhere close to reaching the body of its user. Still, this technology is not perfect, and always comes with a level of risk, which is why we generally still use ships to travel through space. The recently founded Canto Society seeks to alter this paradigm through the pursuit of what’s known as “naked plex swimming”. The concept of falling through simplex dimensional space without the protection of a vessel has always but just that; a concept. In all the histories of all the planets of our ancestors, it’s rarely attempted, and never achieved. A woman named Silica Barker has proved, however, that the feat is not impossible.

Four people in the history of this solar system have died while trying to swim naked in a simplex dimension. The Canto Society was formed to combat these tragedy by implementing a series of precautions and guidelines. Its leaders have been studying the possibility by looking at the problem through multiple lenses, and at multiple angles. What they’ve learned is that the technology required to pull it off has already been invented. Most of the adult population is equipped with devices capable of sending users to simplex dimensions, but only in certain ways. Bionic conduits are a special class of nanorobots that are injected into the body, and remain there indefinitely. They have a number of different jobs to complete, most importantly maintaining the health of their host. They can also, however, push the user into the indigo astral plane, which essentially allows anyone to teleport across a planet in the blink of an eye. Similarly, coverbands—which is made up of a special type of fabric—allow the user to teleport to anywhere within orbit of the planet, about as far as a standard lunar satellite. They also protect that user from the pitfalls of the vacuum of space, including everyday radiation. The halo is a kind of computing device that the user will often keep in a floating telekinetic field just over their head. It is designed to allow travel anywhere within the solar system.
Now, individually, none of these is able to send the user to an interstellar simplex dimension, like astral yellow or red. They are, however, capable of doing it if they’re harmonized. By operating all three devices simultaneously, and in sync, a new gateway to the orange astral plane can be opened. Though, it requires strength, patience, and willpower...which are three of Silica Barker’s specialty, which is why she was the first person in history to succeed in this endeavor. Many simulations and test runs were completed by the Canto Society in the months leading up to this experiment, with most of them proving to be even more successful than predicted. The system leadership granted approval of the full testing phase, and the Canto Society picked Barker for the honor since she was known to already be a particularly adept teleporter. Since news broke of Barker’s accomplishment, others have voiced an interest in replicating her endeavor, but the Canto Society isn’t taking any chances. Just because it happened once, doesn’t mean it can happen again. Anyone wishing to pursue this new adventure will be subject to rigorous testing. You can contact your local chapter for more information, but leaders in both the Society, and the government, urge citizens to not attempt this on their own.

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