Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Microstory 553: Area Hospitals Experiencing Impossible Cures

Doctors, and other health professionals, at a number of hospitals on the border of Vermont and Captain Mason are baffled by a string of unexplainable recoveries. Reports have come in so far from eleven area hospitals of a record number of people being miraculously healed of terminal diseases. Children’s wards have especially seen high numbers of these cures. Authorities have attempted to pinpoint the source of the phenomenon, under the assumption that some new drug has been invented with governmental regulation. Security footage in all twenty-four cases has been erased, further cementing the theory that this is being done to them by some individual, or possibly a group. Tests have revealed no proof that the patients’ systems encountered any chemicals compounds that could have done this to them. Patients were suffering from a wide range of diseases, having nothing in common across the board except for all conditions being fatal, and having short prognoses. The Domestic Affairs Service has taken point of the investigation, and requests anyone with any information to please call the hotline at the bottom of this page.

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