Friday, April 21, 2017

Microstory 565: Government Used Interstellar Travel for Decades

Just over three decades ago, this publication ran a story about the Brihd investigators and their fruitless attempts to figure out what had happened to the majority of the world’s incarcerated criminals at the time. Their investigation ended within five years, even though prisoners have continued to disappear over time. Early on, there was one far-fetched theory that now seems to have been proved true. I’ve been granted access to one of a secretive multinational governmental organization’s most classified projects. A competitor of ours most notable for his conspiracy theories, and his alias, Olkin has been using illegal tactics on his own to investigate this secret organization, which was so good at covering its tracks that it was apparently on no one else’s radar. Sadly, a rogue faction of this group grew overzealous, and decided to end Olkin’s life to prevent the evidence he uncovered from being released to the public. Due to the fact that this information will be coming out either way, the true leaders of the multinational organization have decided to come clean about their involvement in probably the largest coverup in human history. This will be just the introduction in a series of articles about a new technology that is not so new to some of us.
In the year 2200, a group of scientists figured out how to access another dimension. This dimension, known as a simplex dimension, was clearly the most important discovery ever. They decided to continue studying it in secret. Twenty-seven years later, the first spacefaring vessel capable of maintaining integrity within what’s known as the orange plex was completed. It took off on its maiden voyage, its crew fully aware that they may never find a way back home. They did, and in fact learned that doing so is actually not all that difficult, in relative terms. They, and this newly formed multinational, have been exploring the galaxy throughout this whole century. In 2067, they started a plan to relocate every prisoner on the planet with a severity level beyond two. Yes, as it turns out, the theory that they were moved to an exoplanet turned out to be entirely true, finally validating all those that believed it. Its precise location, however, has not been released. The multinational went out to several other star system, planting offworld bases on most of them, and gaining insight into the way the universe operates on a cosmic scale. An interesting aspect of this, however, is that it is physically impossible to travel straight from one star system to another. Scientists and explorers have been looking for ways to do this for decades, always to no avail. Any traveler wishing to reach beyond their own world, no matter what, without fail, will always have to first make a stop in what’s been determined to be the center of the universe itself. Researchers are still unsure what to make of this phenomenon, but they have come up with a name for it. It’s called...The Verge.

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