Thursday, April 13, 2017

Microstory 559: Magnus Immortality Claimed to Be Real

A man who goes by the nom de guerre Dr. Inquiry (not an actual doctor) has come up with yet another theory that he says will shock the viewers of a certain popular broadcast series. Dr. Inquiry—whose real name is Tad Bland (you can see why he doesn’t use it)—has made a number of outrageous claims over the years. He’s already gone down in history as the only “reputable conspiracy theorists”. While no confirmed evidence exists for most of his crazy ideas, one time seven years ago, he was extraordinarily validated. Most did not believe him when he said that scientists had accidentally accessed another universe, but this turned out to be true. Some of the team was even trapped on the other side, and it’s not known whether they remain alive today, for the survivors have refused to describe their experience in detail. Dr. Inquiry took this fame, and used it to fuel the second wind of his career, trying to convince people of other theories, but as stated earlier, he has not enjoyed any further success. Now he’s claimed to have made a discovery regarding the fictional serial Magnus Immortality. And it’s rather simple. He says that the show is about a real immortal person, galavanting and adventuring across some other galaxy, possibly many thousands, or even millions, of years ago.
The creator of the Magnus Immortality, Leandra Shelburn has been famously secretive about where she gets her ideas. She and her anonymous partner are the only two people on the writing team. Two-hundred and sixteen episodes are produced every year, and only two people have true creative control over its narrative. The possibility that they are somehow witnessing events from another galaxy, in any time period, may sound preposterous, but the concept is not without its merit. Not a single other person is even allowed in their writing room, which they insist on referring to as “the lab”. One of Dr. Inquiry’s sources in the electric company has revealed that this “lab” draws a significant amount of power; uncharacteristically so for a simple writers’ room. My own source at Absolute Power Energy Cooperative has, believe it or not, authenticated these findings. Of course, this would never be enough to suspect a bizarre theory regarding galaxies far, far away, but Dr. Inquiry has other proof. Since his unexpected triumph with the truth about the transdimensional gateway, Bland has been desperate to find its sequel. He has kept an eye out for similar cases around the world, and has learned of certain purchases that Shelburn made that are not relevant to a broadcast pre-production department. Instead, Dr. Inquiry says, these parts and pieces of equipment would better serve their owner for some kind of particle accelerator. Furthermore, Grayscale Film Studios—where Magnus Immortality is filmed—covers an area of over 3100 square shemra. This would be more than large enough to fit the largest particle accelerator in the world underground. If true, this secret would require the cooperation of hundreds, if not thousands, of Grayscale Film employees, and likely other contractors. This is the one major limitation to this idea, but I must admit that it’s always been suspicious how large the Grayscale campus is, especially since a lot of it is nothing more than forest and other wildlife environments. I’m not saying that Magnus Immortality is all real. I just think there are some questions that need answers...

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