Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Microstory 558: Spacetime Tear May Lead to A Planet in the Future

Decades ago, visitors strolling through Peripeteia Park started noticing something strange. At first, it was just a feeling, like time was moving slightly differently around them. They could feel these waves—or ripples—crawling over their skin. Then the weather began to change dramatically, and incongruently with the rest of the area. It was like the park wasn’t really on the same planet as the rest of us, and scientists now more than ever believe this to be true. Recently, this tear in the spacetime continuum has begun to exhibit even more unusual properties. At first, it was just the music. People could hear melodies that no human on our planet ever created, and some of the instrumental sounds were not familiar to our history. Then things changed even more, and became even more bizarre than we could have predicted. Anyone who ventures too close to the rift will now experience an uncontrollable urge to sing the songs they hear, even without ever having heard the lyrics before. Despite its danger, the government never prevented anyone from entering Peripeteia Park, because they didn’t feel they had the right. Now, this has changed, because it seems to be infecting (for lack of a better word) people’s minds, and that is something that cannot be allowed. For now, only authorized scientists have been allowed anywhere near the park, and only with protection, and only under special orders for research. Rift research has now been given its own budget, so that it can be studied and understood. One scientist, who has had extensive time with the rift, believes that it leads to another planet, one where this music is commonplace. Furthermore, he or she believes this planet’s present time to be located somewhere in the future. His or her identity has not been revealed, but through a process of quantum entanglement, they believe that our two planets have somehow been connected to each other, and will be affected by each other’s paradigm shifts. Other scientists have expressed doubt in this possibility, pointing to their apprehension in the mystery scientist’s methods of deductive reasoning. Said mystery scientist has signed a record deal for his work, and will be releasing an album to the public with his findings sometime in the coming months.

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