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Friday, April 7, 2017

Microstory 555: Battleship Participating in War Games Goes Missing

Centuries ago, when our ancestors came together to build this new solar system for us, they had a few things in mind. First, they didn’t want any money. When you have the ability to alter gravity, manipulate matter, and have an endless supply of energy, inequality simply doesn’t make any sense. If you’re a citizen, and you contribute positively to society, then you have the right to anything you need to live a satisfying life. Another thing we wanted when we came together was peace. Most of our predecessor cultures had already achieved world peace, and few of us had any problem with each other, but still, it needed to be said. We all had to agree to solve problems nonviolently, and to make sure everyone felt like they were in a safe environment. These goals of peace and prosperity have worked well for us. The Core is running smoothly, pretty much on its own, and most of us wouldn’t have it any other way. Of course, that’s us, and we all know that we are not alone in this universe.
Our third major goal has always been to be prepared for absolutely any scenario that might suddenly come about. The Martians spent centuries working on their law system to account for even the most absurd possibilities. We have an entire planet dedicated to studying illegal scientific that we’ll know how to deal with them if someone else happens to invent them. So it only makes sense that, through all of this, we’ve maintained a healthy military contingency. Historically, the Eridani have been our most respected and experienced military professionals, so we have conceded to their expertise. A wholly volunteer military branch of the government has continued to study and train, all for a reality where someone may attack. As part of this unfortunate aspect of our society, the military has designed periodic events known as war games. Friendly combatants gather in a star system far from The Core, and begin running scenarios against each other, testing our defenses, and teaching maneuvers in a more practical setting. During one of these recent “games” a training battleship called The Sudifroe went missing. Simulated “enemy” ships were monitoring its approach from the second moon of Wilnayko when it suddenly disappeared. It did not explode, or simply drop into a simplex dimension. It vanished, leaving no trace as to its path away from the battlefield. It has been missing ever since. Anyone with any knowledge regarding the current whereabouts of the Sudifroe is being asked to contact an authoritative body immediately.

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