Thursday, June 8, 2017

Microstory 599: How PROSAIC Took Over the World

What began as a vampire uprising years ago transformed into something more sinister than anything anyone not involved could have predicted. I write these words knowing that my life is forfeit, but if I can open even two people’s eyes to the truth, than I believe it to be worth it. Besides, I am one of the last remaining people who were alive when the vampire plague hit, so I know what was like before that. And I know that we can find that world once more, but we’ll have to to do it together. Rather, you’ll have to do it. Even if they don’t catch me, I’m old, and won’t be around much longer. First, you’ll need a quick history lesson.

When the first vampire plague hit the shores of a remote island chain, the small group of heroes who quashed it thought that it would be over. What they didn’t realize was that this was merely a test run, and that the instigators of this horror would later tweak their formula using unexpected data from this test, and deploy another wave. The second wave was global, but it spread so gradually that people didn’t think much of it. Sure, it affected nearly the entire vampire population, but the symptoms were minor, and the effects not lasting. A few isolated vampires discovered that following the recovery from this pathogen, they were afforded new abilities. Upon drinking the blood on amber, a vampire could enjoy heightened strength, increased speed, and a deeper resilience to the light and heat. Of course, for most vampires, this was a nice gift, but it wouldn’t make them any more dangerous to the world than they already were. Afterall, if they wanted to hurt someone that bad, they could just use a machine gun. The stringe vampires, however—those with a history of criminal recidivism—saw this as an opportunity, and some began making plans to exploit their new advantages. But still, their uprising was not as violent as it could have been. The stringes wanted to take control of the world’s resources, but they didn’t want to hurt anyone. What they didn’t plan on was a completely unrelated group of people deciding to carry out their own political exploits.
Following the usurpation of many of the world’s leaders by vampire criminals, a secret organization made itself known to the world, and took this power for themselves. They were known as PROSAIC, and up until this point, their existence was only rumored within the confines of conspiracy message boards, and basement units of intelligence agencies. As it turned out, the PROspective Social Adjudication Invocation Contingency was very real, and—as I might point out, since I’m not long for this world—a ridiculously named group more concerned with acronyms than reality. PROSAIC was formed at an unknown period in history, long before the vampire plague ever began, with one purpose: to infiltrate governments, and establish secretly amadesin high members in positions of leadership. They succeeded in this endeavor, but could not have done it without the help of one man. One crazy old man.

Ronald Grump (real name) “served” as the oldest president of Usonia in history. Documents would later reveal that he suffered from severe age-related neurological complications which resulted in a number of poor policy decisions. He won the office due to a division in the country. There were those who wanted to progress and bring the world together, but there was also a group of isolationists who wanted to close the nation’s borders. These were thought to be the bigoted fringes of society, but what Grump’s opponents did not understand, was that about half the country felt this way, if only to a small degree. Ronald Grump wasn’t as odious as his constituents...but he knew he could prey on their stupidity to gain their votes. What the world did not know at the time was that Grump had formed a secret agreement with the amadesin faction that would later take over the world. Though he was not technically one of them—his faith being relegated to the pure accumulation of wealth—he helped them. He allowed them to make decisions for him while he spent most of his time playing golf on the southeastern coast of the country. He set a number of bad precedents, corrupting the office of the presidency by ignoring diplomatic measures. In the end, he was the worst president in history, and would have been even if he hadn’t gotten into bed with the amadesins. To understand what happens next, you’ll have to read Part II of this three-part series, which will be posting next week...if I’m still alive, and my servers remain intact for lon

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