Friday, June 16, 2017

Microstory 605: The Return of Peter Fireblood

Peter Fireblood was an anomaly. I don’t just mean that he was an unusual person, but that he was born to a subspecies of humans with special abilities. Little is known about his involvement in the seeding of life in the Fostean Galaxy, but most scholars agree that he was instrumental in our freedom from the communists. He evidently mediated the treaty that allowed us to live our truths without interference, as long as we did not attempt to bring the light to any Lactean. It is believed that he remained in Fostea long enough to ensure that we held up our end of the bargain, which of course, we did. Peter Fireblood, whose real name has been lost to history, is and was one of the most powerful people in the universe. He has the ability to transport himself over great distances, and to bring himself back from the dead. He does this by cleansing his former self in a glorious fire, and rising from the ashes, born anew. It is unclear when exactly he disappeared from Fostea, but he hasn’t been recorded as present for at least a millennium. After destroying the last major Hydra Support base, the group of loyal Lightseers escaped to a random star system on the outskirts of the galaxy. They scanned the surface of an uninhabited, but atmospheric, planet and found signs of life. They landed and discovered that Peter Fireblood had been living there alone, possibly the entire time. He returned with them to civilization on Primenchi where Sotiren’s body had been moved. It is there that he carried out an incredibly important task.

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