Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Microstory 613: Replace Eido Seamus

The original Eido Seamus was born into a wealthy family of fishermen. They were famous for fishing in the waters of an unnamed planet in the Lactean galaxy. A small part of the sea on this planet was home to a remarkable species of fish with extraordinary healing properties. The zebe fish, as it came to be known, was fast and fickle. It lived deep in the ocean, on the floor, and protected itself using camouflaging techniques. It surfaced only one day out of the year for an unknown reason. Historians speculate it had something to do with seeking out the warmth of the sun, but no one really knows. Either way, the Boenirj family had a monopoly on fishing in the area, which gave them an unbeatable advantage in the market. They sold what few specimens they could capture that season, and soon built an empire around it. When our people sought refuge in the galaxy of Fostea, Seamus and his family were the first in line for the exodus ships, and certainly had the money to afford it. Seamus quickly became one of the Sacred Savior’s most loyal confidants, some believing him to be his favorite. In fact, the other eidos were noted as being jealous and annoyed by Sotiren’s love of Seamus, and his brother; another follower. Seamus was killed by a cowardly terrorist when he was still young, depriving our civilization of what might have been great leadership. Fortunately, he was not the only Seamus our faith would come to know. A new Seamus was born twenty years ago, fittingly on Sacrede. He too hails from a wealthy family of fishermen, who are more committed to our way of life than could be put into words. Seamus himself dedicated his life to studying the life and teachings of the Sacred Savior, Sotiren Zahir. He knows the Book of Light, and its best interpretation, better than anyone. It was he who discovered the long-lost prophecy of the twelfth taikon. That, coupled with his apropos name, has led verifiers to confirm that he will take his place as the new Eido Seamus.

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