Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Microstory 602: Kill the Cat of Komere

Some of the foretold taikon were expected to be literal. Others were up to interpretation. There have seldom been any feline animals in the Komere star system. People have attempted to start the taikon by carrying cats of all kinds to the three planets, but they are missing one thing. The taikon absolutely must be experienced in order. You cannot kill just any cat in Komere, and expect the taikon to continue, without having done first things first. One day, a ship was passing through the Komere system only to pick up a passenger who was on his way to spread the teachings of the Atheistic Believer. Something went wrong, and they were forced to execute an emergency landing on the planet of Sacrede. Katafar Lyons had never been to the Komere system before, because she never had enough money to live on any of the central worlds. She was only a passenger on the marooned ship, and had not intended to step foot on solid ground until they had made it all the way to Raista. After the rescue team had completed their job, they sought out the ship’s manifest so that the survivors could be charged accordingly. Upon seeing Katafar’s name, they knew that they had stumbled on something amazing. The Cat of Komere was not an actual animal. She was a person with an interestingly fitting name. The other passengers attempted to protect Katafar from harm, but the clever rescuers agreed to waive their fees for everyone if they handed over Katafar to them. They did so quickly, for most of them had spent all of their indexa on the trip to Raista. The rescuers gave Katafar a lavish and decadent final meal, broadcasting the celebration across the galaxy. They signed a contract with Katafar, promising to provide her family with a comfortable life on one of the central worlds. And then they killed her, fulfilling the needs of the second taikon.

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