Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Microstory 603: Find the Sacred Savior

Centuries ago, our people were lost. We were searching for a home, unwanted by dirty communists. We needed somewhere safe, far away from the tyranny of rule. One man, named Sotiren Zahir, discovered for us our galaxy of Fostea. It is said that he traveled there in an instant with no ship, and no Nexus. He spent millennia there alone, inspecting every single planet to make sure they were all suitable for our way of life, including the Footstream of Pilo, and the bee mountains on Anath. He then sent himself back to Origin. No time had passed from their perspective. He told them what he found, and the people rejoiced. They built large exodus ships and traveled here to the Galaxy of Light and Truth. Though virtual immortality was available at the time, he chose to live out his life as a mortal. We know that he died before seeing his vision come to fruition, but no one knows where. Before his end, he commissioned a group of loyal followers to eject him randomly in interstellar space. He ordered them to then kill themselves so the secret would die with them, which they did happily. People have been searching for Sotiren’s body ever since, for this was foretold in the Book of Light. But they were unable to find him, because the event was described to be the third taikon, and could not be found until the first ones had been achieved. As a hearship was on its way to lay Katafar's body to rest on Raista, it encountered a critical failure of its astral collimator. The crew was forced to exit orange plex and reenter normal interstellar space. As fate would have it, they fell out at the exact spot of Sotiren’s drifting body. They took the body to an immaculate and controlled space station where it could be studied and verified. Once scientists determined that the remains were legitimate, the galaxy rejoiced. We had once again found our savior, and also experienced the third taikon. This marked a turning point in the search for all taikon, because it could not be faked, repeated, or misinterpreted.

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