Monday, June 26, 2017

Microstory 611: Proper Burial of the Sacred Savior

Before the Lyons family took in the Dam of Cerelune as a pet, scientists first wanted some time to investigate its ability to spontaneously open wormholes. Their experiments were not as controlled as they thought, however, and they ended up opening wormholes in unplanned locations. One such location was Lake Wurveol on the Roepl moon where the water turned red unprompted. By now, this was being referred to as the Bloodwater, but it was not destined to remain as it was. The wormhole opened in the middle of the lake, quickly draining it in its entirety. After it was done, the wormhole closed back up, as if planned that way. The scientists experimenting with these wormholes promised that they did not do this intentionally, and in fact admitted that they did not understand the process well enough to be that precise. The most miraculous part of this occurrence, however, was neither the wormhole, nor the water draining. That was yet to come. Once the water was all gone, those there were able to see its topography. Quite literally in the middle of the lake bed was a rectangular hole. It appeared natural, but was also surprisingly the approximate specifications of a standard human grave. That’s right, somehow the lake contained a natural grave, which was perfect, because they were in need of one. The eleventh taikon mandates that the Sacred Savior be properly buried in a “new location of newly great significance”. This seemed to qualify better than anywhere else. It was the newest following professional confirmation that all study on the Savior’s body had been completed. And so after centuries, Sacred Savior Sotiren Zahir was finally put to rest within the natural grave, which was filled in with fine rubble taken from the recently destroyed infidel worshiphouse. Everything was fitting into place perfectly, but even this wasn’t the most miraculous part. Once the burial ceremony was finished, the bloodwater suddenly returned from another wormhole to symbolically protect him from outside forces. The wormhole scientists were shown to not only have not done this on purpose, but also not at all. The wormhole somehow opened up on its own, proving to even the hardest of skeptics that the takion were very real, and forthcoming...and totally beyond the control of man.

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