Thursday, July 13, 2023

Microstory 1929: Surrender Leonard

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Leonard: Hello. Can I help you?
Freeman 11: You need to get out of here.
Leonard: I’m sorry? Do I know you?
Freeman 11: I’m a friend of Agent Parsons. He gave me a message. Well, he didn’t give it to me. He gave it to his couple bond partner, who gave it to who knows how many of her freewomen, who passed it along to Freeman 8, who passed it to me. We had to do that because Parson and his closest associates are being watched, or may be being watched. I’m nobody though, so nobody’s expecting me to do anything important.
Leonard: That’s what makes you important. It’s good to be able to fly under the radar.
Freeman 11: *smiles*
Leonard: And the message is that I need to leave?
Freeman 11: You need to sneak out. They’re coming for you.
Leonard: Who’s coming for me, and why?
Freeman 11: They didn’t tell me much about that, probably because the secrets can’t be trusted going all over town like it did. But basically the government wants to lock you up so you’ll help...get information out of someone? You’re supposed to gain their trust, and they think you won’t be able to do that from the outside.
Leonard: *nods* I know who you’re talking about. Sneaky little devils. We had a plan, but it seems they’ve come up with a new one.
Freeman 11: I can help you. Freeman 24 is waiting in the car. We brought you in. We can get you back out.
Leonard: That won’t be necessary. I’m going to let them take me.
Freeman 11: Forgive me, but I don’t understand.
Leonard: You wouldn’t. There’s too much you’ve not been told about the situation, and bringing you up to speed would not only take too much time, when you really ought to leave this hotel as soon as possible, but it also places you in just as much danger as I am. If I try to escape, they’ll find me, and it will be worse. If they’re doing what I think they’re doing—and it’s not the worst strategy I’ve ever encountered—then all I can do is play along.
Freeman 11: I dunno man. There are certain branches of government that you can trust. Social Counseling is one of them. The rest are animals.
Leonard: I appreciate your position. I’m not trusting them. I’m just surrendering. Again, if you knew more, it would make sense. Besides, the whole reason you’re here is because Agent Parsons can’t talk to me himself without getting caught, right? Well, I imagine the circle that knows about this is pretty tight. They’ll figure out if I react this way. It was a nice gesture, but it would never work. Now go on. It’s not safe here.
Freeman 11: All right. Call me if you change your mind. Freeman 24 and I will be waiting down the block. Here’s my card.
Leonard: I’ve memorized the number, but I won’t take the card. Best not keep records of our dealings.
Freeman 11: I get it. You’re smart. Have you ever thought of doing crime? *smirks*
Leonard: Thanks, Freeman 11.

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