Friday, July 28, 2023

Microstory 1940: Walking in Circles

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Reese: Are you sure this is going to work? We’ve been walking in literal circles forever, and so far, no one has shown up.
Leonard: Myka?
Myka: *holding the radio to her ear* One click back. My friends aren’t seeing anyone.
Leonard: Maybe we were wrong this whole time. Maybe no one has been following us.
Reese: Or they’re so confused about our odd behavior, they don’t know what to do.
Leonard: You’re right, this was a stupid plan. If we weren’t trying to follow these footprints, I would say we head for cover, but we’re just too exposed out here, and we’re wasting time. If we are being followed, they can probably wait us out.
Myka: No, it wasn’t a stupid plan, we’re just at too much of a disadvantage.
Leonard: Go ahead and make whatever clicks you need to make to tell them that we’re giving up. If your people are gonna help, we might as well work together. I don’t suppose they came with their own tent? Perhaps we can share.
Reese: How many are there? Three? This tent is designed for two. It’s technically big enough for three; or four if they’re comfortable with each other, but not a total of six.
Myka: Those three are my best survivors. Freewoman 2 can find water anywhere. Besides, this mission is only getting more dangerous. We need multiple on watch. But that’s tonight. We still have hours of daylight to go. I say we continue to follow these tracks before the weather erases them. If someone is following us, they have had plenty of chances to hurt us. It’s probably just government agents.
Reese: You’re right. This is the M.O. of a shadow team. It’s said that they can be invisible anywhere. They won’t reveal themselves for anything short of life-threatening, if even that. They may be under orders to report back any injuries and deaths, and not intervene for any reason.
Myka: So, we just keep walking, and leave it alone?
Reese: No. Give me the radio.
Myka: Here you go.
Reese: *adjusts the frequency, and makes his own clicks*
Leonard: What did that mean? Did you tell them something?
Reese: I told ‘em to reveal themselves. I seriously doubt they’ll do it, but now they know we know they’re there.
Leonard: What if they’re not there?
Reese: Then no one heard the message, and even if they did, I used a law enforcement code on a law enforcement frequency. So there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.
Myka: Since I got out of prison, I occasionally flip off my bathroom mirror and tell the U.S. Cybersecurity Agency that I know they’re watching me...just in case they are.
Freewoman 2: *walking up* Hey, what’s the word?
Myka: We’re done trying to root out the possible pursuers. We’re just gonna keep going.
Freewoman 3: What do you want us to do?
Myka: Join us. The more the merrier.
Reese: There’s something you should know about the mission we’re on first, though. Tell me, do any of you believe in aliens?

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