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Monday, July 10, 2023

Microstory 1926: Humanity Laws

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Leonard: I’m not okay with this.
Agent Parsons: You don’t like the idea of tricking someone. I get it. But you have to weigh the pros and cons, and we need this information.
Leonard: I don’t have that much of a problem with tricking the Ochivar. Based on what little I’ve heard, some are good, and some are not so good, and this one has to be the second kind, because a good one would be doing everything it could to convince us of as much. I take issue with amputating its wings.
Special Investigator: That is vital to the mission, agent.
Leonard: Not an agent.
Special Investigator: You are now. *tosses a badge onto the table* One benefit working for the Office of Special Investigations, we have nearly zero hiring requirements. I could deputize a sixteen-year-old mental patient if I wanted to. I wouldn’t of course; we have underlying standards. The laws are for cases such as this, when I don’t have time to wait for you to finish the requisite schooling and training that other agencies demand.
Agent Parsons: That’s the special part.
Leonard: You said nearly zero requirements. I assume, in this case, the one requirement is that I go ahead with this mission, which I don’t feel comfortable doing. What we have here, at worst, is a prisoner of war. Where I come from, we treat such enemy combatants with a level of respect that they may not reciprocate. But that is no reason to stoop to their level. It’s not even that, though, because on this front, we are presently in peacetime. Plus, as far as I’ve been informed, the Ochivar hasn’t committed any crime, so he’s not a suspect either, is he? No, he’s only a person of interest.
Special Investigator: We don’t do things the same way here. All of our laws apply to humans, or the other living creatures native to this planet. 
Leonard: You don’t have property laws?
Special Investigator: It’s not a human. Despite how you just described him, he’s not even a person. There are no laws dictating how we must treat him. We are well within our rights to perform this procedure. We’re doing it so you can get your answer.
Leonard: Let’s get one thing straight, I would be getting you answers. I left family behind back home, but I know what I signed up for when I started learning about all this crazy stuff. I’m prepared to never see them again.
Agent Parsons: Let’s not be so hostile. If you don’t agree to do this, they’ll have no reason to amputate, correct? Because the only point is to make it easier for it to blend in.
Leonard: Tell me, Special Investigator. Your scientists discover new species in the depths of the ocean, right? Do these specimens not enjoy any rights, just because you haven’t had time to make any laws? That seems...irrational. And perhaps even evil.
Special Investigator: *clearing his throat* These orders come directly from the National Commander. We can’t make you do it, but I can’t guarantee your continued freedom otherwise. They may consider you an enemy threat too, and put you in the room next to it.
Leonard: So be it.

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