Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Microstory 1938: Alien Genitalia

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Leonard: Is this it? Are we here?
Reese: Just about. I don’t wanna damage my truck, so I’m pulling over. We’ll have to walk a little ways, towards that hill.
Myka: There’s something over there, I can already see it. I can’t tell what it is; just that it breaks up the uniformity of the ground. It could just be a rock.
Reese: Where did you get those binoculars?
Myka: I always have them. Birdwatching is a positive outlook that keeps me out of jail.
Reese: What was that? Why did you two just give each other a look?
Myka: What look? There’s no look. Let’s go. We’re burnin’ daylight.
Reese: Hey, man. Take this.
Leonard: You’re giving me a gun?
Reese: I don’t know what we’re gonna find. I would give one to her—
Myka: No, thank you.
Reese: I just can’t be the only one armed. You have had training, right?
Leonard: Of course I do. *checks the gun, then continues forwards*
Myka: *as they’re drawing nearer to the coordinates* Oh, I see what it is now.
Reese: What?
Myka: It’s a body.
Reese: Stay behind us. Leo, keep your head on a swivel for me.
Myka: No pulse. Cold, stiff. He’s been dead for a day at least.
Leonard: I see tracks over here! At least that’s what I think they are. They’re not human, and from no animal that I’ve ever seen, but who knows what kind of fauna you have on this world? You would know better.
Reese: I can track anything on planet Earth...this version of Earth, anyway. No animal I know of makes prints like these. I never got a good look at the Ochivar’s feet, but this is how I would imagine them. They don’t wear shoes?
Leonard: Aliens don’t wear shoes or clothes, because filmmakers don’t usually bother designing genitalia for the puppets or makeup and suits that the actors wear.
Reese: Good point.
Myka: I count four sets of prints. You both get the same?
Leonard: Yeah, but three of ‘em go off in that direction, and the other one doesn’t.
Reese: The fourth couldn’t possibly be this guy, right? Ochivar can’t camouflage themselves as human, right?
Leonard: Not that I’m aware. Plus, he is wearing clothes and shoes. That seems like a weird way to throw us off the scent.
Reese: *looking into the distance, and then the car* All right, we need supplies if we’re gonna walk deeper into the desert. I can go back to my car alone, or you can join me if you would rather not wait here, but no one’s following those tracks until I get back.
Myka: We stick together. Can we all three decide on that now? No matter what happens, we don’t get separated.
Leonard: Yeah, I can agree to that.
Reese: Okay. Then let’s go. Water, food, first aid, more ammo...and a tent.

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