Friday, October 13, 2023

Microstory 1995: Government Grade

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National Commander Apostle Virtue: Director Reese Parsons. Thank you for coming all the way out to the Palace. Ooo, cool tie. I trust you had a pleasant trip.
Director Reese Parsons: Yes, everything is great, Mr. Commander, sir.
Commander Virtue: Mr. Commander sir. Call me Apostle. We’re all friends here.
Special Investigator Eliot: Thank you for seeing us...Apostle.
Apostle: Hey! That’s Commander Virtue to you, or Mister Commander!
Hisham: I’m terribly sorry, sir—
Apostle: Ah, I’m just fuckin’ with ya. Lighten up, Hisham. You gotta be more like this guy. *rubs Reese’s shoulders aggressively*
Reese: *laughing nervously and uncomfortably* Very good, sir. Apostle, sir.
Apostle: *laughing confidently* I can’t tell you how great it is to have another man in your new position. The last administrator really went hog wild appointing all those women. Don’t get me wrong, I love Director Washington to death, but what’s a Commander gotta do to get a little testosterone in the room, you know what I mean?
Reese: I appreciate the appointment. I’m ready to do what I can to protect this country.
Apostle: I don’t care about that. And I don’t make directorship appointments. *mockingly* That’s too much of a unilateral decision. That’s how my lawyers say it. *scoffs* Hey, you two want a drink? You seem like a bourbon guy. I got the best stuff. And Hisham, maybe one of those colorful drinks with the umbrellas? Wadya say?
Hisham: Whatever you think is best, sir.
Apostle: You’ll take the bourbon too.
Hisham: Yes, sir.
Apostle: What did I say about lightening up? That goes for the both of you. Sit down and relax! Why do you think they put couches in the room?
Reese: Thank you, sir. So, I’ve brought the budget, as well as the transcripts from the interviews that Dr. Klement made with the Ochivari. I’ve had my experts draw up some plans to make sure we can insulate our planet as best we can from the alien threat, should a true invasion happen too, but I’m sure you already have people on that.
Apostle: Oh, all that can wait. Let’s just have a chat. Tell me about this bond you have with the convict. Does that mean you buttered her bread?
Reese: Uh, they prefer to be called freepersons. And I’m not sure what you mean.
Apostle: Did you make the devil dance? Did you put the carrot in the salad; hide your friend, the corporal; introduce her to—
Hisham: He means, did you have sex with her?
Apostle: Never. Interrupt me. This isn’t another lighten up joke; this is real. Never interrupt your commanding officer.
Hisham: Very sorry, sir.
Apostle: That’s all right.
Reese: To answer your question, sir, that’s not what the bond is about. They help each other lead productive lives, and keep from backsliding to their old ways.
Apostle: Sounds bor-ring! Let’s do shots. You wanna do shots? I also got government-grade reefer, if you’re more into that. Let’s live. You wanna live?

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