Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Microstory 1997: Wild Beasts

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SI Eliot: *sits down across from Reese*
Reese: I thought we agreed to stay on opposite sides of the jet, and never speak to each other again for the rest of our lives.
SI Eliot: Yeah, but I’ve been thinking about what happened at the meeting, though, and I think we should touch base about it.
Reese: Calling that a meeting would be like calling a stampede of wildebeests a casual jog with a few friends. That was one of the most horrifically uncomfortable experiences of my life, and I just wanna forget it ever happened.
SI Eliot: Lower your voice. There could be listening devices on this thing.
Reese: That would just be like Commander Virtue. You’re right, but I don’t care. Let the plane go down. At least that would leave me in peace. I’m still drunk, and now hungover.
SI Eliot: Ha-ha, he’s joking. Commander Virtue is an honorable man, and we are lucky that he lent us one of his aircraft for the trip home.
Reese: *sighs, then takes a device out of his bag* I swept for bugs while you were in the lavatory. You think this is my first time on an unsecured mode of transportation? Please.
SI Eliot: You see, I knew there was a reason you were promoted over me.
Reese: Are you still on that?
SI Eliot: No, I’m... I meant that sincerely. I was bitter before, but I’m over it. Besides, I’m not exactly envious of all the meetings you’re gonna have to have with that man now that you’re a director.
Reese: Oh my God! I wasn’t even thinking about that. I was just relieved to be out of there, I forgot that it’s still not over. It will never be over, will it?
SI Eliot: Not until the next administration.
Reese: When will that be?
SI Eliot: Three years, if he doesn’t secure reëlection, of course.
Reese: Of course. Gah! Hold on. Deputy Director.
SI Eliot: You mean Celandine Robles?
Reese: No. The deputy often accompanies directors on meetings and conference calls. If I made you my deputy instead, you could help me deal with him.
SI Eliot: Oh, no. Have you heard Director Washington complain about him? She hates him too, but she’s never described that kind of craziness before. He’s different around men. He thinks he can be himself, and that we’ll understand. The way I see it, Deputy Robles is your best option on that front, along with all the other fronts.
Reese: That was a test. I needed to know if you were still gunning for my job, and just decided to be nice and underhanded about it.
SI Eliot: If anything, it’s gotten me to seriously consider switching to the private sector.
Reese: Really? You would do that? You’re such a...patriot.
SI Eliot: Well, I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I’ve gotten an offer or too.
Reese: Well, congratulations. Hey, wait, that’s the St. Louis Arch. It’s gigantic.
SI Eliot: What? We shouldn’t be able to see that. Reese, I think we’re landing.
Captain: *through the intercom* Folks, you may have noticed we’re a little off route. No need to worry. We just have to make an emergency landing. I’ll update again soon.

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