Monday, October 16, 2023

Microstory 1996: For the Lulls

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Leonard: How is it that we both have free time right now? Reese is still on his way back from the Capital, but everything’s goin’ so smoothly out there.
Myka: It happens, these people know what they’re doing. So let’s take advantage of it.
Leonard: What are you doing?
Myka: Taking advantage.
Leonard: This is the napping room. 
Myka: Yeah, and Navin is the only one who ever uses it. He’s off today, so we’re alone.
Leonard: It’s still not appropriate.
Myka: Leo, I have fifteen minutes before I have to get back to finalize the quarterly reports. I’m not driving all the way back home.
Leonard: Then we should just not do it. And don’t start thinking it’s because I’m not attracted to you anymore, or some nonsense like that. I just don’t want to have sex at work. Like you said, this is Navin’s room. That’s his bed. It’s not right.
Myka: You’re a better person than I.
Leonard: Let’s just talk. We don’t get to talk anymore. I mean, of course we talk about work all the time, but it’s gotten so busy with all these new recruits that that’s all we can talk about. It seems like I have to run a tour of this place every week.
Myka: Yeah, okay. We’ll just sit and talk. Is it okay to sit on Navin’s bed?
Leonard: I think that will be all right.
*awkward silence*
Myka: This isn’t working.
Leonard: Are you breaking up with me?
Myka: Of course not, but we have to figure out some sort of work-life balance. I’m no good at scheduling time to have a conversation. I’ve tried that. I had a cousin who moved to live abroad in Europe. We tried to have weekly talks in ChatChapp, but eventually just stopped setting the next week up. I haven’t spoken to him in years.
Leonard: That’s sad. But see, it doesn’t matter that we have to be more formal and scheduled. We can talk about that. Tell me about your relationship with this cousin. Have you ever visited him, and-or has he ever come back stateside?
Myka: Neither. At least I don’t think so. Honestly, if he ever came back home, he might not even tell me. *checks watch* Maybe I should just go back to the quarterlies.
Leonard: No, we’re doing good. Let’s change the subject, though, since you’re struggling with it. Let me tell you about my cousins. I have sixteen of them. Don’t know if I ever told you that. *phone rings* Oh, shoot. It’’s the law station.
Myka: Better answer it. They don’t know what time your break is.
Leonard: I love you. *answers phone* Hello?—Yes, this is Supervisory Agent Miazga.—Wait, what? What name did she give you?—Are you sure?—No, I know her.—Yeah, I’ll, uhh...what was that?—Of course not. Is she in there right now?—Let her out of there this instant, give her whatever she asks for, and tell her I’m on my way.—Okay. Thank you. *hangs up*
Myka: What was that about? Did they lock up someone you know?
Leonard: Yeah. It’s my wife, Keziah. She somehow crossed over to this universe.

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