Friday, October 20, 2023

Microstory 2000: All Fifty

Hello. My name is Desta Jarpez. Thank you for being here for my presentation. Mrs. McKinney told me that I could get extra credit if I did a presentation on my papa. My papa’s name was Aubrey Jardine, and I loved him. Before he died, he went to every state in the United States. He didn’t do it on purpose. That would have been much easier, because he could’ve just driven through all of them really quickly in, like, a few weeks maybe. I think people do that. He mostly just happened to need to go to every state for different things. So for the next fifty slides, I’m going to tell you why he did that for each one. Please enjoy the flags that I used as the backgrounds, and I hope you like my presentation. I worked really hard on it.

Thank you.


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