Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Microstory 1992: Diplomatic Protection Authority

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DPA Officer: Thank you for coming, Director Parsons. I know you’ve had a long day, but now that you’ve gotten through all the background information questions, we just need to ask you about your upcoming visit. The good news is that if you ever need to speak with the National Commander again, you’ll only do one of these pre-interviews. All of that other stuff is only a yearly thing.
Reese: It’s quite all right. I understand the need to protect NatCo and national security.
DPA Officer: That’s right. So, what exactly will you be discussing with Commander Virtue tomorrow?
Reese: Uh...I’m not sure what I can say. I don’t have higher clearance than you, but it—
DPA Officer: I’ll just put down Code: Black. That basically means the only person who’s allowed to hear what you have to say is the man himself.
Reese: *nervously* Okay.
DPA Officer: *noticing* It’s fine, not a problem. Happens all the time. Commander Virtue asked to meet with you himself. That usually means Code: Black.
Reese: Okay.
DPA Officer: *clears throat* So. Do you have any known enemies or threats?
Reese: Well, I gave the last interview a comprehensive list of fugitives that I recovered during my days with Fugitive Services. I have no possible enemies beyond that.
DPA Officer: *shuffles through papers* Ah, looks like you have. Just let me take a look. Doesn’t appear to be anyone who would be of any real threat. Most of them are still locked up, except for this guy. He’s since been released?
Reese: Yes, Burhan ad-Din Salem. By all accounts, he was a model prisoner. I feel that he was let out on parole appropriately. I was present at his hearing, but did not speak.
DPA Officer: Why was he a fugitive, if he would end up such a great prisoner?
Reese: At the time, he spoke very little English, and there was some confusion regarding his lack of rights to leave the state of arrest. He meant nothing by it. Recovering him was one of my easiest cases.
DPA Officer: Hm.
Reese: What is it? You don’t agree?
DPA Officer: Oh, no, I have no reason not to trust your judgment. Your record speaks for itself. I was just noticing the strong sense of compassion you seem to have. Most members of law enforcement that I’ve met have been pretty boastful about all the bad guys they’ve put away. Fugitive agents in particular like to raise their numbers as high as possible. You seem only interested in justice. Is that a fair assessment?
Reese: The way I see it, my job has always been to protect people. That involves stopping certain people from hurting others, but if they simply chose not to hurt anyone, I would be happy. I think a lot of my colleagues would feel differently.
DPA Officer: Yes. Truthfully, Commander Virtue is one of them. Director Parsons, if you want him to like you, and give you what you want, I suggest you quell that empathetic nature of yours. He’s not a dick, but he’s a stern man.
Reese: Thank you for the advice. That’s very kind of you.
DPA Officer: *on the verge of laughing* Anyway, moving on...

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