Monday, October 9, 2023

Microstory 1991: Bear in the Air

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Director Reese Parsons: I’ve never been on a military airfield before.
Director Lotte Washington: Oh, I thought that Fugitive Services flew out of here.
Reese: Only for international searches. I only ever stayed in country. For that, we sometimes did charter, but usually just domestic.
Lotte: Right. Well, this particular airfield is a bit far, don’t you think?
Reese: That’s what I wanted to say, but I didn’t want to sound ungrateful.
Lotte: You and I are on the same level now, Director Parsons. You don’t have to be so nervous around me anymore.
Reese: It’s not nerves, it’s respect. You’re still senior to me, and still outrank me in every reasonable respect.
Lotte: It’s a little nerves.
Reese: Yeah, but not about this.
Lotte: Ah. Your meeting with the National Commander.
Reese: I...I, it’s just— *looks around to see if anyone is watching* I didn’t vote for him.
Lotte: Neither did I. Those records aren’t public, nor accessible to him.
Reese: I know that, I just keep thinking, what if he can tell?
Lotte: It doesn’t matter. Commander Virtue doesn’t need people to love him. He values efficiency and straightforwardness. He asks you a question, you answer it. Answer it as succinctly as possible. Don’t clarify anything unless he asks for it, and don’t volunteer information unless it’s some kind of emergency.
Reese: Okay, that’s good advice.
Lotte: You still look worried. You think I’m giving you bad advice?
Reese: Ya see, I both hate and love that about you. You’re too perceptive. It’s aggravating. Can you read minds?
Lotte: Only weak minds.
Reese: *can’t help but crack a smile*
Lotte: There he is; the Reese Parsons I’ve come to know. Lighten up. I promise you, relaxing a little bit before the meeting isn’t gonna turn you into a surfer dude in front of him. You’re an authority in your responsibilities. It’s not a quiz. He won’t ask you anything you don’t know, because he knows what kinds of things you know.
Reese: Thank you, Director Washington.
Lotte: You should just call me Lotte now. Even SI Eliot does.
Reese: All right, Lotte. Wadya think? This place is far, but what choice do we have?
Lotte: You tell me. You’re the one who’s gonna be running teams out of here.
Reese: I keep picturing a helicopter taking off from headquarters, and then the agents or troops jumping out of it to land in the plane midair. Driving it during rush hour is gonna be a nightmare. Of course, we would need to build a helicopter pad anyway.
Lotte: That could be done, but midair transfers are probably a no-go.
Reese: I know. *laughing*
Lotte: There’s one more option, but it’s pretty unorthodox too.
Reese: What were you thinking?
Lotte: Well...the river is a lot closer to your headquarters than this place is.

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