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Monday, October 17, 2016

Microstory 431: Floor 11 (Part 1)

I’ve always loved my job in the Research and Development labs, and I never made any effort to be promoted. I was recently hired at Analion in a leadership position, but this is as far as I want to go. If I’m promoted from here, I'll have to move permanently into an office, and I have zero interest in that. If you look at my little cubicle right now, you would think it’s just a storage area. I feel safe and comfortable around all the dangerous objects, even though we don’t have much of that here. My last job used a lot of corrosive chemicals and other hazardous materials, so this is pretty tame by those standards. They were a legal nightmare, so I would’ve hated a full time office position even more. My boss there was always under a great deal of stress. She was constantly having to worry about someone getting hurt…or worse. It’s weird that I spent all that time with deadly poison, and it’s just windows that are the major problems here at my new job. Nothing happened in the labs, but out in the field. I have no idea what went wrong because that was before my time, but had I been around, I promise we wouldn’t have been on the brink of any lawsuits. One thing my previous boss taught me was how to be careful and slow. In all honesty, though, safety precautions were of a higher priority. Analion, I’m starting to see, doesn’t care so much about all that. From what I gather, I can’t be surprised that one of our products lead to deaths. They’re far more interested in speed than quality. They think this is efficiency, but it’s not. Efficiency is the balance between speed and accuracy. If they had just slowed down, I bet things would have been fine. I suppose Im doing a great job of convincing myself that I should quit before things get real bad. I’m going to contact my old boss who went off and started her own business. Analion is not the place for me, and I think she would understand that and give me a chance to get on the ground floor.

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