Friday, October 21, 2016

Microstory 435: Floor 7 (Part 1)

We here in quality management do a lot more work than anyone else. We keep watch over the entire process of building a product. We make sure designs work on paper, then we test them under controlled conditions, then we keep track of customer complaints. We should have been the first to hear about the window deaths, but we weren’t. Instead, the survivors of the deaths got together and went to the media, and the whole thing blew up in everybody’s face. If the first time it happened, we had been notified, we could have done something about it. I see no real proof that Analion is at all at fault here, but if we are, then we should have been given the opportunity to correct the mistake. That was the real problem. Yeah, maybe a few products are defective, but if no one tells us about it, how are we supposed to know? I know what you’re thinking; that finding that out is our job. And it is, but we don’t test for real-world conditions. We have no control over what the installers we contract out do, or how the end users mishandle the products. That is, unless we are appropriately notified of any problems. They say it can’t be an installer mistake, because there were multiple installers. That doesn’t mean anything. They could have each installed the windows incorrectly, who knows? Who knows is right, we may never know. A logical protocol for communication wasn’t followed, and so the truth may remain hidden forever. I wish things could have turned out differently, but my scope is only so wide. I rely on the hard work and competence of everyone around me. That’s how the world works, though, doesn’t it? We are all beholden to each other. I better go recite to serenity prayer before I get myself worked up much more.

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