Friday, October 14, 2016

Microstory 430: Floor 12 (Part 1)

We are called Production, people...Production. We are not the same thing as Construction. I tell ya what’s ironic, though; I’ve spent years reminding people that our two departments do totally different things. Now all these reports come in of people dying from our products, and for the first time, I’m glad people think they should blame construction. I know I should feel bad about it, and also that it won’t last forever, but I just feel lucky to still have my job. To be honest, I couldn’t tell you what went wrong. I’ve been analyzing the situation during my own little investigation, but I’ve so far come up with nothing. The designs appear to be flawless. I’ve not been having trouble with any of my developers on the production floor. I’ve even looked into regional installation contractors, and they seem fine. I guess I can only go so far, though. If I rock the boat too much, I paint a target on my back. It has to have something to do with us, though. People are saying the windows were marketed poorly, or that we weren’t allotted he right materials, but that’s impossible. First of all, people know what windows are. I don’t believe this could be customer error; that’s utterly ridiculous, and insulting to the human race. If we had problems with resources, then fine. But that doesn’t explain why a bad product ended up in the market in the first place. It must be quality management. That’s the only explanation. Everyone could have done everything wrong; created a window that shatters when a butterfly lands on it. But no matter what, quality management should have stopped it. That’s their bloody job. I must investigate more.

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