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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Microstory 437: Floor 5 (Part 1)

Only two of us work here in the mailroom of the Analion headquarters. In the last mailroom I worked, there were too many people. We spent a lot of time doing nothing, having all been hired using a business model they last updated way back in 2016. We could go for days with literally nothing to do. There just isn’t as much of a need for mail delivery as there used to be. Things are the polar opposite at Analion. The amount of interoffice mail they send each other is ridiculous. Of course, I’m not allowed to read the mail, but I bet they could just email at least half of what they send out. It’s not just them, though. They get mail from all over the country, and throughout some of the world. I don’t understand why these people insist on killing trees just for basic correspondence. It’s true that the circular nature of the floor makes delivery rather simple, but there are still forty-two freaking stories. I have to walk every single one of them while my partner has to sort through every piece of mail to figure out where it belongs. And why the hell are we on the fifth floor? It just means we have to go downstairs and sign for large deliveries. They’ll come upstairs for one or two parcels, but no more than that. We need more people, but I can’t ask them for that. Everybody’s running around dealing with their scandal. It was horrible to hear about the deaths, but not very surprising. If they manufacture windows as poorly as they hire mail associates, no wonder people are dying. I’m sick of this either way. I just need to find the money to get myself into college. I hate to leave my partner alone, but I have to do what’s best for me. If he doesn't agree to leave as well, then he’ll either have to handle it on his own, or risk training a new employee without any help.

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