Thursday, February 2, 2017

Microstory 509: Grandmother in the Moon Continues to Elude Authorities

The Fostean High Police Squad has been in pursuit of the Grandmother in the Moon for weeks now, with little to no results. For those who have been following the galactic decree by not listening to illegal broadcast transmissions—which should be easy, since very few things are illegal—the Grandmother in the Moon is wanted by authorities for her defamatory radio series. Her words promote the loss of everything we hold dear in our great galaxy, and our whole reason for The Great Schism. We came here seeking freedom from a tyrannical government; one that insisted everyone be equal to a baseline, leaving no real room for success or self-improvement. The invaders from this government, nicknamed by this publication’s competitors as The Lucifers, have been infecting our home with their backwards ideas of communistic assimilation. Since they have arrived, more and more people unhappy with how little they’ve earned have risen up and spoken against our way of life. In Fostea, everyone has the chance to make themselves better, and to garner achievements through hard work and dedication. Though the Lucifer aggressor team is still enemy number one, the High Police have been forced to refocus their efforts on the Grandmother in the Moon. I was able to gain some information regarding their investigation. She is using a broadcasting technology not unlike the kind used by the Galactic Compliance Department. This allows her voice to be heard on any device in the galaxy capable of receiving variable frequencies, even those inadequate for plex communication. Leading technicians are unable to explain how the Grandmother in the Moon came by this technology, but believe it to be most likely smuggled in from Origin, possibly by the Lucifers. Anyone with information regarding this transgalactic broadcasting technology, or the Grandmother in the Moon herself has an obligation to come forward. We must all do our duty to earn what we deserve, and only that. Let the Light of Merit show you the way to triumph.

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