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Monday, February 6, 2017

Microstory 511: First School Based on Alto Technology Opens

Decades ago, a film premiered called Draugmas. In it, the titular demon sneaks into people’s dreams, and removes their fears. At first the characters find this to be helpful and rewarding. No longer are they afraid of heights and poisonous animals. They are free to take risks they never would have before. Unfortunately, this takes a turn when Draugmas victims begin to lose their inhibitions altogether, ultimately forgetting their instinct for basic self-preservation. Their only hope is a little girl who, for whatever reason, was born without the ability to dream at all. The film was low-budget, simple, and even cerebral. Though sequels were planned, they were never made, as critics pointed out how repetitive this type of movie was bound to be. What it did, however, was spawn a production company, led by the Draugmas filmmakers. The company created exclusively horror films involving dreams. Each took place in its own universe, but each involved someone with ill intentions, and the ability to cross into dreams. Powerful anomaly, Mandy Alto grew of during the golden age of Draugmas Entertainment, and is said to have watched all of the movies several times. His friends and family describe him as a caring worrywart, without a violent bone in his body. He first used his ability to enter people’s dreams to hold conversations, and exchange ideas. He then realized that, by connecting to someone of authority over a topic, he and his friends could learn from that person without ever leaving their respective beds. He eventually increased his range, and could theoretically pull everyone on a planet into a single dream; though that has never been tried, even during the dark Operator years. Bellevue scientists studied his ability, possibly to a higher degree than any others. Under the direction of The Visionary, Mandy’s dream network has recently been replicated through technology. Valary Sela believes that dream networks are the key to the planet’s success. “Soon,” she says, “the idea of going to school while you’re awake will seem as archaic as vehicles that operate on petrol.” The first educational network based on this new Alto technology has opened up. Based in Bellevue, Kansas, the network is currently in beta stage, serving students primarily within a single building. Interim Dean of Education for Alto High School, Roxanne Coraux hopes to extend the student body to field locations around the world by next year, and possibly allow the production of individual units for the home. She had this to say regarding expansion plans.

I believe it’s possible that Alto High School will become the single only organization for education on the planet, and perhaps even beyond. The board and I are exercising caution at the moment, however. Everyone deserves a solid education, and they deserve to have options, as they are available. Likewise, anyone who would like to initiate their own dream network is welcome to follow the Confederacy’s regulations, and do so. We are prepared to scale our program up as high as the natural market will allow, and also to remain as small as the population would like. This is a pilot program, one designed to showcase what can be accomplished using this technique, and we are excited to see what this teaches us about the art of teaching.

Mandy Alto declined to comment at this time. Bellevue declined to speak with this publication directly, instead opting to address the matter publicly using their own social media outlets.

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