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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Microstory 519: Humans Claim to be From Another Galaxy

Yesterday, a mysterious space vessel appeared in the upper atmosphere of Slrdr. It managed to land in the middle of a bloodfield, and suffered a great deal of hull damage, but all occupants have reported nothing more than superficial wounds. Several passengers and crew members stepped out of the ship, all of them human. They were immediately taken to the nearest infirmary and treated, but were soon able to meet with an emergency council for a debrief. They claim to have traveled to other galaxies before, but originate from one they called Lactea. The council has released an initial statement on their findings, as spoken by Vizir Shalie Yorton.
Apparently across the entirety of these other galaxies, humans are the only intelligent species. Subspecies, tangent species, and superspecies live alongside their standard form of human, but they are all derived from the same basic genetic code, and were all ultimately genetically engineered. The visitors had never heard of Slrdr, nor could they fully understand that we are not genetically related to humans, but they were not shocked by the news. They’ve all been raised with the idea that they were created in their God’s image, and had simply never had any reason to wonder whether God might want to create a peoples unlike herself. I found the visitors to be kind and accommodating. We first wanted to know if they were stranded in our galaxy, but they said that it was their role in the universe to go wherever fate took them. They treated their arrival here as a sort of planned accident, and currently have no intention of leaving anytime soon. They asked us questions as well, and were particularly fascinated by the idea that Slrdr have eight genders in total. I remember learning in history class of the first time Slrdr made contact with humans, and having to explain our weird alien genders to them. Not in my lifetime did I think I would have the wonderful opportunity to experience a similar scenario.

The Vizir has also said that their conversations are not over, and though the visitors do not represent Lactea in any official capacity, that this marks the beginning of relations with our exciting new neighbors. Historians and experts are currently looking through records to find out whether this Lactea actually refers to the same home galaxy as our other most recent visitor decades ago, Amelia Earhart. The visitors are unsure of this. Meanwhile, they have already expressed an interest in seeing more parts of our galaxies. A tour is presently in the early planning stages. Check back on our domain to find out if your planet is lucky enough to have made it on the list. You may one day soon meet an entirely breed of humans.

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