Friday, February 3, 2017

Microstory 510: Aleri War Commences After Sublight Delay

This is an official Aleri news bulletin. Only Aleri citizens are allowed to read this. Any non-Aleri attempting to read the following words will be treated as enemies of the state, and will be pursued. Any Aleri who attempts to relay this information to a non-Aleri will be considered a traitor, the punishment for which is death. Years ago, one of our fierce and powerful battle matrixa set out for war. The Aleri government had been petitioning the AMF for weeks for war approval, being turned down every time. War was even accepted by one of the opposing worlds, but still the AMF rejected our proposals. Finally, a plan was set in motion. We would go to war without approval, fully aware of the danger this posed our people. The force of the entire galaxy may have torn us apart, but we were prepared to invoke an ancient convention first agreed upon by the original sixteen interstellar colonies. This convention allows for a military force to act against the the AMF’s decision by severing its ties with the rest of the galaxy, if only temporarily. Astral lanes are closed to and from Aleri during this period, and can only be reopened for trade or other travel after the results of war. This is why an entire matrix of ships were sent towards our enemies at the same time. Unfortunately, as we all know, our brave warriors were unable to complete their mission. A field decision was made to continue on at sublight speeds. As science would have it, however, relativistic speeds prevent any practical form of interstellar communication. While three years passed for us, the matrix experienced only 108 days, surviving on rations and hibernation shifts. Theirs was a noble sacrifice, and all true Aleri owe these soldiers their respect and reverence. Now they have returned, having reached civilization just yesterday. Much has changed since then, and debriefing groups have been dispatched to their location to bring them up to speed (no pun intended). Their exact coordinates, and status, are classified from the public, but war plans remain in effect until otherwise stated. Please review your wartime procedures with your family and community. Further bulletins will be posted across all of Aalleerrii as necessary.

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