Friday, February 10, 2017

Microstory 515: Woman Uses Telekinesis to Tear Planet in Half

There comes a time in everyone’s life, in this system, when they must decide what kind of power they’re going to wield, if any. There are many variants of telekinesis. Some are designed for heavy lifting, others for microprecision. Some allow the user to create self-sustaining fields, and some for flying. There is one type, however, that is unlike the others. Most TK can be removed, and even switched out. This is not so when it comes to germ telekinesis. It requires proclivity, and practice...thus patience. It’s also theoretically limitless. Philosophers have long questioned whether there was anything a telekinetic individual may be unable to accomplish given enough time and talent. Of course, this question is impossible to answer, but what we can answer is the most impressive feat that has ever been accomplished. Dasha Sinclair is a 176 year-long virgat from the planet of Regnia, and is now listed as the most powerful telekinetic in the system.

Sinclair grew up normal, was a self-proclaimed ‘middling’ student, and was leaning towards working as a technician on one of the gravis stations. One day, when she was 14 standard years old, her class went on a field trip to visit Palomino Shore on Arion. She found herself drawn to the Aitchai Temple that rests on the south end. Sinclair says of this experience, “my family and I have never been religious. We believe in science and hard work. In fact, I was the first in generations to even accept telekinesis at all. I was already planning to do it, but I didn’t know until that moment that I would dedicate my life to it.” She was granted permission to witness one of the meditation rooms, and instantly admired them for their commitment to an alternative lifestyle. Spiritual devotion is one of only two paths that allow a citizen to be exempt from obligatory vocational contribution. The other is physical or psychological handicap, which is rare in present day, due to medical advancements. Anyone wishing to join a religious institution must prove their faith, and once becoming a member, must continue to prove it every day. And boy did Sinclair deliver. She was infrequently seen eating, sleeping, or doing anything else besides meditating. After receiving the germ telekinesis treatment, she did not once attempt to move anything with her mind for a whole ten years. Once she did begin to actually practice, she started out with nothing more than a small candle. Oh, but she held it in place for an entire week. Ever since, she’s been honing her skills, learning everything she can about the art of telekinesis...little by little. Only within the last thirty years or so did she even leave the temple for extended periods of time, and use her ability under practical conditions.
A few years ago, Sinclair petitioned the Greater Lactean Alliance for a planet of her own. Very few individuals have control over their own planets, and those who do are generally researchers who are interested in conducting in-depth surveys of their worlds. They measure literally ever square deam of the surface, and record their findings. One such  these of was a small rocky planet on the outer edge of the galaxy named Malcomicron by its previous owner. What the scientist discovered was that the planet showed absolutely no signs of life, either past or present. Not did it exhibit any evidence that it may support life in the future. His research had been recently completed, and he was currently on sabbatical. He, the alliance, and Sinclair all agreed that Malcomicron would be the perfect testing ground, as it were, for Sinclair’s experiment. Yesterday, millions of spectators boarded observation ships that are usually used for nebula and pulsar shows. They circled Malcomicron and waited for the first ever performance of its kind. Sinclair began by flying around the entire equator, cutting a trench that was only a quarter nayko wide. She then flew outside of its orbit and began the real work. Experts were stunned as she achieved exactly what she set out to. She managed to cleanly split Malcomicron into two equal halves. Each half-sphere sports an extraordinarily smooth surface. They are both currently on their way to succumbing to the gravitational pull of original planet’s sun. Policy-makers, and many others, are already rushing around to expedite a secondary proposal that would allow Malcomicron I and II to be moved into interstellar space to protect it from orbital decay. Tertiary plans are even being considered to convert it into a destination spot, complete with restaurants, resorts, museums, and more. She had the following words to express her feelings regarding the amazing endeavor.

I feel so grateful for everyone involved. Many people had to come together to make this thing even possible. I especially want to thank the representatives from Exile for advocating for me so vehemently. They didn’t have to do that, but they showed me a kindness that I can only hope to somehow repay them someday. I would like to thank the Core leaders, my fans, and of course, the Palomino Shore Aitchai Temple, which became part of my family.

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