Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Microstory 577: Evidence of Illegal Human Experiments Uncovered

This is a confidential internal report. Authorized personnel only. Any unauthorized persons reading this document will be pursued by the law. Illegal and preliminarily declared unethical scientific experiments on human subjects have been discovered in Romora. An agent of this organization has infiltrated these laboratories and found evidence that humans are being tested on by a number of integrated, but still separate, research factions. These factions are part of a single entity, but have branched off in order to pursue different ideas. They are all attempting to modify the natural genetics of human beings, but each are doing so independently, and to sometimes only vaguely related ends. Our agent has yet to make contact since transmitting several documents from the rogue scientists’ central facility. Though these stolen documents offer proof of what the rogue scientists are working on, they do not have enough information in order to design effective countermeasures. This report is an attempt to garner volunteers from anyone in our organization willing to risk traveling to, and infiltrating, these laboratories with very little information. Desirable skills include mountain climbing, stealth action, hand-to-hand combat, old world alarm systems, cyber intrusion, and extraction. Anyone with significant experience flying aircraft or piloting sea vessels is urged to contact their handler as well. Due to the uncertain nature of this mission, no guarantees can be given in regards to safety or return. All agents with children have been automatically disqualified from involvement. The repopulation of the planet remains Imperative Two. It is important to understand, however, that gathering intelligence on these scientists could potentially lead to progress towards the completion of Imperative One. If we are not somehow relieved of the floodwaters, these hypothetical superhumans may end up being the only species left on these planet within a matter of centuries, if not decades.

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