Thursday, May 4, 2017

Microstory 574: Infamous Amadesin Refugee Rescuer Identified

A century ago, this world was divided. Law-abiding citizens sat in the center, while the rest were on the fringes as criminals, terrorists, and rebels. They hurt people, and they took what did not belong to them. One of the worst groups of these people were the Amadesins. Amadesis was a spiteful religion based in an unhealthy hatred of any who did not believe as they did. Many of the religion’s sect’s were more or less peaceful, but others were much worse. Anyone wishing to defect from the faith could suffer terrible consequences, sometimes even death. A multinational organization was formed. This organization was unsanctioned by any government, highly underfunded, and poorly staffed. Those a part of it had dedicated their lives to a cause. That cause was to rescue, protect, and relocate Amadesin defectors. But there was one member who was different than the others, with previously undisclosed interviews having referred to her as their superstar. She had the anomaly ability to hide people in special stones that she created. Others might have used this power to create tiny foolproof prisons, or to trap people they didn't like, but not one Patience Cooney. Before working with Bellevue, Cooney worked with the Refugee Relocation Association, ultimately transporting thousands of Amadesin defectors all over the world, almost entirely in secret. Her guests, as they were called, were placed in an artificial simplex dimension, with one of these Cooney stones as its focal point. She could remove them anytime she liked, or they could exit themselves, while anyone with a special password could do so as well. She would take her stones on the road, on trains, and in aircraft, with no one but her and her team being at all aware of the extra passengers. Once at their new home, refugees were given new identities, and some startup money, after which the team would move on and find someone else in need. Cooney did this job with very little thanks, and lived her whole life with only a few people having an understanding of just how impactful she was to the world. Her identity remained a secret in order to protect her rescues. With recent events surrounding the decline in Amadesis membership, however, it has been decided that it’s time the world knew just how amazing and courageous Patience Cooney really was.

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