Thursday, May 18, 2017

Microstory 584: Fairies Leave the Planet

Around the same time that a group of scientists and SDS detectives were accidentally discovering the inner workings of faster-than-light travel, a transhumanistic woman named Morgan LeFay founded an organization. Archaeologists and evolutionary biologists have long known that the proof of evolution lies in the simple fact that humans are about two feet taller on average than our ancestors two million years ago. There are many advantages to an increase in height. Larger animals can often run faster (to an extent), reach to high-hanging fruit, and combat predators better. They also tend to live longer, while tiny species, like insects, burn bright and die young. Of course, in recent times, our evolution in this manner has had less to do with mutations and survival advantages, and more to do with sexual selection. That is, many humans seem to have decided they prefer taller partners, leaving our shorter brethren single, and unable to pass on their genes. The Fairy Institute, based in Wales, chose to focus their posthuman efforts in a very specific field. They have been looking for ways to make humans extremely tiny; about the size of a standard human’s hand. Why would they do this? Well, as stated above, their efforts began before the discovery of plex dimensional travel, and the fairies were interested in exploring the universe.

There are many advantages to a being tiny when attempting to cross the solar barrier, the most important being that a tiny human would take up very little space, and require fewer resources. A larger ship would require more fuel, most of it being allocated to propelling hunks of material, rather than just the passengers that matter. Though plex travel would theoretically render all this discussion meaningless, the Fairy Institute remained steadfast in their belief. In fact, LeFay is quoted as saying, “the need for this technology is more important than it ever has been. We have an opportunity here, and I won’t pass it up. I am not satisfied with just going to the next galaxy over.” The fairies continued their work, perfecting consciousness transference, while designing the perfect new bodies. They did this in secret, revealing only vague and general information to the public. Earlier today, they held a press conference in the countryside to announce their new developments, but Morgan LeFay never came on stage. Nor did anyone else. Journalists sat in their seats, waiting patiently for the conference to begin. Suddenly the curtain fell, as if broken. It revealed a metallic object, about the size of an average land vehicle, not large enough for more than just a handful of people. It was shaped like a kidney bean, and smooth, with no evidence of any seams. It was presumably entered and exited via astral tunneling. After a few more moments of suspension, the beanship disappeared in astral blue. Space agencies around the world would later confirm that it exited the blue dimension halfway between the planet and our moon, then entered the orange plex, never to be seen or heard from again. Meanwhile, journalists remained in their seats, unsure whether anything else was going to happen. A projector rose from the stage and turned itself on. A recording of Morgan LeFay’s final message to humanity began playing:
Children of C, we thank you for your hospitality. You have given us shelter, technology, and inspiration. We will never forget you, but you will never see us again. We believe that we are seeking the answer to the most important question in the universe, which is, what even is the universe? We are ultimately sending our vessel to the highest dimension possible; one that no one in the world has so much as imagined before. This will allow us to travel to the far reaches of the observable universe in a matter of years. However, we are not stopping there. We will keep going, and we will keep going until we’ve reached our final destination. One day, perhaps in thousands of years, we will hopefully land on this rock once more. Like famous explorer Merrianne Derringer, who’s most known for being the first person to circumnavigate the planet, our intention is to circle the cosmos. We are attempting to find out if this universe is flat, or if it is closed. We may never return. We may never find home, nor may we find anything of note out there, but we’re going anyway. Wish us luck. Again, thank you for everything.

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