Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Microstory 588: Outsiders Selected to Crew Theseus

If there’s one thing this star system likes it’s trying to new things, thinking outside the box, and giving people a chance. I guess that’s three things, which makes sense if you know anything about our culture. In The Core, there are no half measures. We either go big, or we go home to work on something even bigger. We built for ourselves new bodies, modeled upon the old ones, but far superior physiologically. We designed an entire artificial solar system so that we could all live within spitting distance of each other. We fly around in ships despite our ability to teleport to anywhere in the observable universe near instantaneously. And it is one of these ships that’s going to undergo a change in dynamic. The Theseus is a ship that can never be retired. It is one of the oldest in our collective history, having been repaired too many times to count. When the Virgats first learned how to lift off from their lonely rock, and into orbit, they did so with single-use rockets, as most planetary cultures do. Once their technology had progressed enough, they built for themselves a vessel worthy of being referred to as a ship. This would not only take them to the planets beyond their moon, but could also be reused as many times as necessary. An entire field was created to maintain this one ship, and eventually others like it, called rocket surgery. In order to make another trip outside of the atmosphere, the Theseus would need to undergo heavy maintenance. As time went on, and technology greatly surpassed Theseus-class ships, the Virgats decided that they did not want their first to be left behind. And so the repair procedures were enhanced to a degree most would not find worth it. It was far more practical to simply decommission it, and move on to something better. Nevertheless, they persisted. That was many thousands of years ago, and the Theseus remains today, having been bequested to the Core once it was formed.
Also thousands of years ago, a small group of our ancestors were unwillingly shot through time, landing in present-day Earth. They struggled with their new lives, solving mysteries, battling ancient evil religions, and trying to get their physics homework done on time. They have recently made their way to us, seeking asylum from their pursuers. Of course we obliged their request, but we have decided to give them something else. They have been chosen to lead the crew of the new Theseus. It has recently experience a major retrofit, with all the bells and whistles that our other ships carry today. In fact, it is likely the most advanced and powerful vessel that we have in our ranks at the moment. These outsiders will not be doing this alone, so do not worry for their safety. They will be led by Prosper human Captain Eldon Cross, Navigator Erasteus Milke, Weapons Officer Monrovia Milena Varinia Labriola De La Prada, and Ambassador Keillor Hallenby. As the flagship of the Core, it will not have a mission for itself. Instead, it will remain available to all other travelers and offworld outposts in the case that they run into some kind of trouble. Sporting the largest artificial simplex dimensional elaborator, it will be potentially capable of housing thousands upon thousands of passengers, should the need arise. No one knows if this unorthodox plan will work out for us, but most involve have confidence. Afterall, we have been through so much—as disparate societies, and also following The Melting Pot Migration. The only thing that has gotten us through it is our ingenuity, our quick wit, and our ability to erroneously list three things when necessary.

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