Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Microstory 578: Operator Cult Growing Every Day

We’re going to be doing something different today. We’re going to start questioning our reality in a way that most people seem to be too afraid to. It has been just over a year since our new overlord, known only as Operator came into our lives and took control of us. Besides her codename, we know that she is a woman. People aren’t entirely sure why we know this fact about her, but it would seem that she wanted people to know. Her identity as a whole, on the other hand, remains a mystery to the public as of this writing. Statistics have not been calculated, but I’m guessing that most people do not appreciate what Operator is doing. Sure, for the most part, she lets us go about our lives as we wish, but everyone knows that if she wanted, she could kill us all. And we would be powerless to stop it. In fact, I sit here now, wondering if Operator is going to force me to reach over to my letter opener and jam it into my neck. Or perhaps she’ll just make me bang my head against my computer until I die from whatever kills people who do that; electrocution, or blunt force trauma, or whathaveyou. Maybe she will yet, and is now only letting me write these words to amuse herself, knowing full well that it will never be published. If you’re reading this right now, then Operator has either been defeated by the remnants of Bellevue, or she has simply let it pass. Afterall, no matter what I write, no matter how you feel, in all likelihood, she can never be defeated. She is, for lack of a sufficient archetype, now our God.

As I said before, I feel like most people do not want to live like this. Case in point, the majority of us communicate via a vast telepathic network brought about by rival anomaly, Blossom Sadler. Though Operator is able to see and hear what we are doing from wherever she happens to be, she cannot read our minds. And so Bellevue has provided us with an avenue for secrecy. Sadler’s telepathic network allows any one person to carry on a conversation with any one else with as little effort as it would take to speak with that person through voices. Ten, twenty, a thousand people can all converse as easily as we did in the old days, but now we do it with our minds. Through so-called private lines, Sadler lets us keep our secrets, and prevents anyone from listening in, which is something nature never even let us do. But Operator does, which is the real question. As irrelevant as Bellevue may be, this reporter knows that they still exist. They convene at their original hotel headquarters, and discuss the state of affairs, however dull they may be. Surely they are simultaneously working on a plan to locate Operator, and put an end to her...operations. Aren’t they? If they aren’t, then someone is, so why is Blossom even still alive? Why are we permitted to keep secrets from our ruler. A certain new religion believes they have the answer: that Operator truly is the new God, and that she is good.
The Operator cult’s sentiments are not without their merits. The average crime index globally was sitting at around a healthy 40 before Operator showed up. Now the crime index everywhere is—let me just consult my notes...oh yeah, zero. Not a single crime has been committed since Operator took over. Every time someone attempts to commit a crime of any kind, Operator steps in and makes them stop. Pull out a gun, and you’ll immediately just set it back down again, which is assuming she lets you take it out in the first place. Want to rob that store? Sorry, you’ll literally just keep driving past it. Though Operator does not know what you’re thinking, she can tell what you’re intending to do, and if she finds it distasteful, why she just won’t let you do it. Even accidents have gone down, rendering fire stations and hospitals irrelevant. This is why the Operator cult exists, and why it’s growing every day. Not everyone agrees with them. Former member of Bellevue—and one of the few people naturally immune to her control—Cambrio Yates has been loudly outspoken against Operator’s brave new world. I will paraphrase his words. Free will is paramount to the human experience. Life is meaningless if we are nothing more than God’s chess pieces. Yet that is just another example of free will that Operator lets us have. Sure, she keeps all the bombs locked up—when previously anyone willing and able would be free to set them off, unless they were stopped by someone else—but she lets us believe what we want. As far as I know, no religious gathering, contradictory or not, has been interfered with by Operator’s choices...unless they were violent.

I guess what I’m really asking here is why...—...—...this is your captain speaking. I have temporarily taken control of this writer’s actions so that she can spread my words effectively. I want to make it clear that everything she has written up to this point has been completely of her own accord. I only take over now so that I can explain her, and to you. Why have I stopped you from using your guns, but left you to your words? Why do I pick and choose your free will? Is it true that you are not chess pieces? I began this endeavor to change the world, to stop the violence, and the hate. I am using the skillset that God gave me. I will not always be around, nor would I want to be. I’m trying to create a society free from not only this violence, but from the inclination towards it. Generations from now, I will no longer be needed. Children are already being born who will never know a life of suffering. They will be raised to love and respect one another. And in all honesty, anyone who experienced a world unlike this one, must die off to make room for something new. I could have just done this myself; let you all stick the proverbial letter opener in your neck, but I chose to take the long way ‘round, because I need to maintain my own integrity. So go on and be angry that I’ve taken your guns, because you’re children’s children’s children will have no interest in them, and those are the people I care about.

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