Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Microstory 637: Replace Eido Bertok

As described in the earlier taikon, Eido Bertok was his own man. He didn’t play by anyone else’s rules, and he didn’t let anyone tell him what he was meant to do. The role of eido, though extremely important, was often largely a symbolic one. People followed them, and Sacred Savior, because the eidos were able to convince them to. Without these public figures, we may not be living in the greatness that is the galaxy of Fostea we have today. Still, celebrity was not all there was to being one of the leaders of the new worlds. A lot of logistical work goes into making things run smoothly, which is why leaders always deserve more pay than the proverbial worker bees. Bertok was unlike the other eidos in that he focused the majority of his time on this behind-the-scenes work. He was instrumental in the establishment of standard practices and general structure. It was he who came up with our class system, and determined the initial value of Arkeizen thralls. Though Sotiren had already instantaneously analyzed each and every planet in the galaxy, he did not provide this data for his followers. Bertok, therefore, took it upon himself to lead preliminary mapping efforts. He and his teams gave the pioneers in the exodus ship an idea of where they could live, and where they might want to go. He helped organize the construction of infrastructure on the central worlds, so that people would actually have some civilization before things even got started. He was nicknamed the Hardest-working Man in Fostea, and this designation has not since been passed on to someone else. Until now. Perhaps the second hardest worker in Fostea is the cofounder and current Chief Executive Officer of Kaddow-Anmelton Industries,  Wurnti Kaddow. Kaddow was only thirteen standard years of age when she found herself literally on the ground floor with her recent schoolteacher, Pier Anmelton. He had always considered her to be his best student, and thought she might be interested in working part time at his new startup organization. She quickly proved herself to be an unmatched asset to the company, which was renamed to reflect her contribution. Together they transformed their small business into the leading realty solutions experts for single-occupancy planets. And she hasn’t stopped working since. It was no surprise when she decided to volunteer to help capture the wandering Bellcone, and was just as invaluable in this endeavor as she has been in previous projects. Her dedication and strength earned her the right to be chosen as the replacement for Eido Bertok.

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