Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Microstory 653: Forgiveness of the Sinners

The religious order of Lightseed has had its fair share of naysayers, rivals, and outright enemies. Though we are the largest religion in the galaxy, said galaxy consists of more than a trillion people, so it’s just statistically unlikely that we would have all of them. Sotiren knew this the entire time while he was working through his belief structure in the beginning. He wanted there to be something that all Fosteans could find comfort in, but did not require they actually do so. There are those, however, who actively operate against our interests, and they have only become more invigorated by the initiation of the foretold taikon. Whereas before these were isolated, or at least segregated, groups, they have now come together in a more official capacity. They began to call themselves Lapsar, a true insult to our devotion to the Light of Truth. This new organization has been giving us the most trouble during our attempt at rearranging the galaxy in our image. But that doesn’t mean that they are winning. We have been steadily depleting their numbers and resources every day; sometimes through war, but also through conversion. Their ideals are actually not all that different than ours. Some believe the reason they exist is out of an instinct to not conform with reality. Once they see the true light, they often realize their mistake. The most dramatic of these conversions, however, has come with the occurrence of these last taikon; the ones belonging to the Week in One Day series. They caused the largest faction of deniers remaining to start questioning their previously held convictions. Just as the Day was coming to an end, an exodus ship fell out of the interstellar simplex dimension in orbit. Former Lapsarians began transporting their numbers down to the surface of the new Kesliperia, hoping to find a new home. Seeing as the original Kesliperians were already dead, there was no harm in allowing the converts to stay. We were happy to have them, and now they will be able to move on with their lives in true peace.

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