Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Microstory 647: Substantiation of the Cleansing Light

The exciting thing about this taikon is that no one knew how it would be made manifest. Unlike other religions, we are very aware of the fact that the sacred cleansing light is metaphorical. As people of both science and faith, we recognize the true physical properties of light, and its wave-particle duality. We know how it’s scattered, reflected, and refracted. We know how fast it moves, how it’s possible to move beyond its speed, and we know the entire spectrum, and all of its uses. We are not ignorant or childish. Because of all this, the “substantiation of the cleansing light” was not something we could predict or understand. What exactly does that mean? Many have thrown their theories into the ring over the centuries. Some thought an actual entity; one that could be called God, would spontaneously come out of a source of light. With the simplex dimensions, people move in and out of what we perceive to be light all the time. That someone would do something like that could not possibly fulfill the requirements for a taikon. They are meant to be rare, if not impossible, and not provoked too thoughtfully by believers. In order to explain this, some in this camp of belief have guessed that light itself would somehow be made whole, so that the entity would not be so obviously a person, but something beyond. Of course, we now know that a person made of solid light could never be trusted, as one of our current primary irritants could mimic this power. She was born as the result of ancient genetic modification that gives her the ability to manipulate light to her will. She has regularly used this ability to render herself invisible, generate holograms that are nearly indistinguishable from reality, and even impersonate others. It would not be inconceivable for her to show up somewhere as a human of light. We would have to be wary of this, as she is a false prophet, and would only be doing this to garner support for her evil cause. Still, as unlikely as these theories were, they were still the most popular, because they were the easiest to understand. What happened instead was a demonstration of the cleansing light’s power. The entire ocean on Kesliperia was replaced with a new one. This has been done before, with Lake Wurveol on the Roepl moon where the Sacred Savior was buried, though on a much smaller scale. Furhter, while the Wurveol bloodwater returned from a spontaneous wormhole, the new Kesliperian oceans were created out of a sea of light from the new star that formed recently. This was a true miracle, and proof in what we now know to be the very real power of the Cleansing Light.

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