Monday, August 7, 2017

Microstory 641: Return of the Meek

There has been much debate about the origins of our galaxy. After all this time, we still can’t agree on where it came from. Most people believe it to have been created just like any other galaxy has; through natural and simple means. Scientists have found evidence, however, that seems to contradict this hypothesis. First of all, while it’s impossible to get too close to the galactic center, we can tell that it is not a black hole, which is a fairly common feature across galaxies. Though we have been unable to run reliable tests, or gather accurate data, the data we do have shows it to behave unlike anything else in the universe. It most closely resemble what’s known as a white hole, but even that is not a fitting enough description. Certain religions, including sects of Lightseed, believe that this galaxy is actually the remnants of another galaxy, possibly in another universe. At some point, this parent galaxy was destroyed. The scattered remains leaked through a massive tear in spacetime, eventually recoalescing where we are now. The jet of light protruding from the center, which is also inaccessible, is supposedly the last remaining light escaping into this part of the cosmos. Sacred Savior Sotiren Zahir revealed during the first exodus that there was a planet showing evidence of an ancients peoples. He referred to these fallen structures as The Ruins of Gaiet, and said that he was only able to make out a single word written in a perceivable language. That word was Meeker, which he knew to be a family name. Since then, the Meeker name has been sacred in its own right, and thusly as illegal in Fostea as travel to the ruins. Still, people have been searching for the world that holds these ruins, always to know success. Not long after the Summit for Patience on Narvali, a message propagated itself across the stars. A woman appeared through a grayish doorway. Literally no one in the whole galaxy was any farther than a few meters from the nearest message door. In the distance behind this woman, viewers could see the Ruins of Gaiet. We knew this to be true, though no one but Sacred Savior had seen them before. She spoke to all in a calm and comforting voice.

Fostean Humans, my name is Aurora Meeker. She showed them the ruins. A friend of mine once lived here. It is the highest concentration of what few structures of my old worlds still exist after all this time. Thank you for respecting them. I have been watching you. Patiently. I assure you that I am not happy, though. I am very old, and few peoples have angered me more than you. I have promised to stay out of it. And for the most part, I will. But I will say this. If you do not change your ways, you will not survive long enough to regret your choices. We are not the only ones fed up with your behavior. Make no mistake, these are still our worlds. The only reason you’re here, is because we let you move in. We can just as easily kick you out...more easily, actually. This technology that I am showing you right now is nothing to me. There is nothing we cannot do, so do not test us. These are the only words you will hear from me, or from any of my peoples. If we feel you are not efforting yourselves in the right direction, we will take action, and it will be permanent. We did not create this universe so that you could hurt each other. Fall in line. That will be all. Then she, and her gray doorways disappeared everywhere. This was not what we thought the Book of Light meant when it said that the meek would return, but it is what has happened, and we must the best of our ability.

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