Friday, August 4, 2017

Microstory 640: Indulge a Summit for Patience

It hasn’t been long now since the Lightseers executed a plan to take control of the galactic economy, but rivals are already feeling the pressure. A new council composed of corporate executives, military officers, and other world leaders was recently formed to see if there was anything they could do about the “lightseer problem”. They deliberated for a considerable amount of time before ultimately determining their best course of action was to simply discuss matters with us directly. They could tell right off that they, even when combined, would be no match for the true leaders of Fostea. They proposed to meet for what they called a Summit For Patience. Of course, we knew right away that they were doing this in order to gain some goodwill from us, seeing as that a Summit for Patience is mentioned in the Book of Light. But that just proves that Sacred Savior, Sotiren Zahir was and is more than a mere prophet. He did not simply predict the future, but through his actions, created it. He was able to convince a group of leaders he had never met, thousands of years in the future, to do exactly what he wanted. By calling for this summit, and by even calling it what we would have, our rivals have proved that there is no stopping the taikon. Even those who do not believe in our ways cannot escape the light. Ye, blessèd is the light, and all who see it...and all who hide from it, but feel its warmth. Of course Highlightseers from all over the galaxy agreed to the summit, but only if it could take place on Narvali. Predictably, the rivals agreed to our terms, and also that it would be moderated by the unbiased thirty party of the dodulkori refugees. This was perfect for us, because the dodulkori were in debt to us for having graciously given them our paradise planet. The rivals walked away from the summit believing it to be a success, but we knew better. We would not only continue with the conquest, but ramp up our efforts. But then something happened we never thought could, even while hinted at in the Book of Light.

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