Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Microstory 643: Confirmation of War

In the wake of the farce known as The Summit for Patience, the conquest was sidelined. The Highlightseers were too busy shoring up our ranks. Besides, our rivals believed us to have agreed to peace, so we couldn’t do anything for awhile. This caused them to lower their guard, so we could develop a strike plan. With all players in place, we were ready to start the next phase of our war for the galaxy. Unfortunately, the gray doorway message from Aurora Meeker was making this endeavor a little bit more complicated than it was before. Meeker was clear enough that we knew we wouldn’t be getting any third chances to stave off some kind of permanent retribution, but vague enough that she could have been talking about her anger over any given Fostean behavior trait. Most Highlightseers agreed, however, that she was probably generally against any form of mass violence; war and conquest included. Though her taikon was prophesied, just like all others, the way in which is was achieved was not expected. There were still many things that would need to happen in order for the entire taikon passages to be realized. Violence could not be taken off the table without dismantling everything we believe in. So the plan was altered to account for this change in dynamic; a compromise, as it were. Strategic military representatives were held in place where they were on every known planet in the galaxy, with reinforcements being quietly channeled in as needed. We then instituted an old practice carried over from the second galactic wars centuries ago. A confirmation of war is not the same thing as a declaration. Technically, we are already in war, and technically it does not need to be confirmed—nor are wars usually. Confirmation is largely an economic and social exercise. Some societies institute curfews, others halt interstellar travel. Some families modify their shopping behavior, others seek refuge in other locations, or even hide out in bunkers. A confirmation of war does not require any fighting, just the expectation that an attack could occur at any moment. We hope this to be enough to satisfy the requirements for this taikon, while simultaneously averting punishment but these mysterious gray overwatchers.

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