Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Microstory 648: Peninsula Removed from the Mainland

This taikon was at particular risk of being instigated unnatural, which is against the rules. In general, we are at risk of mischievous nonbelievers attempting to artificially create taikon in order to corrupt our beliefs. The fact that the taikon must be fulfilled in a particular order protects us from this, but only to a degree. It’s still possible for these evildoers to keep tabs on our progress, and prepare for the right moments. While we must all be vigilant against the corruptors, we have also curated a number of verifiers. This position, between standard Lightseers, and Highlightseers, is a coveted one. Verifiers are trained their whole lives. They memorize not only the Book of Light, but also contemporary records, to better recognize valid Lightseed events. They are extremely important to the process. We cannot simply rely on hearsay and fake news media reports. We have to see for ourselves, and people who have been trained their whole lives have to ensure every single taikon’s legitimacy. As it turned out, however, this taikon didn’t require any special precautions against corruptors. The peninsula in question was an obvious one. The Cleansing Light did not return the planet’s oceans to its original state, for that would be impossible. The removal of the oxygen irreversible altered the terrain, which meant that the oceans of now are different than before. One thing that came out of this was a new island. The Hargrave Peninsula was a large bit of land that protruded from one corner of the mainland. On one side was the Morbek Sea, and on the other was Linta Bay. Though other terrain had shifted, it had remained stable and unchanging. About an hour after the new oceans were created, however, the peninsula began to split off, forming a perfect canal that now separates the new island from the rest of the continent. Though it would be entire possible to achieve this through technological means, this did occur natural, and our verifiers have confirmed its validity.

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