Friday, November 3, 2017

Microstory 705: Avail Immortality

This is a surprising entry in the new list of taikon found in the Book of Anseluka, but we have no choice but to accept it. Immortality, in many forms, has been available for as long as many of us can remember, but not everyone is successful enough to obtain it. Many techniques are prohibitively expensive for the more impoverished in our civilization. Up until now, this has been okay with us. Our whole economy and culture is built on the idea of working hard for what you want. If you’ve not found a way to afford immortality, then you must not be good enough for it. Only recently are we doubting this sentiment, which is something we never thought we would. The Book of Anseluka includes more than just the directions for the new taikon. It also presents new ideas about how we should run Fostea, and some changes the unknown author believes we should implement. He does not suggest we return to the ways of the dirty communists of our past, but we should continue to follow the model of Earth. How an ancient writer could have any idea that we would begin modeling Earthans out of necessity, or what that model would end up being, we may never known. We still don’t know who Anseluka was, or whether he’s still alive today. He does not write about himself at all, and most haven’t had time to seriously question this. We have to trust the leadership of our true savior, Sotiren Zahir, who has made it clear that the Book of Anseluka is just as divine as our previous books. In the Core of Lactea, immortality is available to all who want it. Few of them reject immortality, because most of those have already left to strike new worlds on far away orbitals. Since immortality doesn’t exist on Earth, the Core Lacteans are the only ones we can look to when figuring out how to avail it to every denizen of our galaxy. As much as it pains us, this is what we have done. Now that it is open to all, we will have to adjust our plans for a future with unlimited population.

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