Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Microstory 707: Replace Eido Tadija

Ladriane Nuvin first came on the radar of the Highlightseers when she applied to sacrifice herself by maintaining a hold of the Scales of Tamsin the Judge, which were said to burn anyone who attempted to use them improperly. She lost out to Isaura Peak, but was later chosen to read the introductory passage of the Book of Anseluka when it was first opened. She then volunteered to read the entirety of the Book of Light during its retirement ceremony. Her dedication and will made her a perfect candidate to replace Tadija as new eido of the galaxy. In fact, the Highlightseers considered no one else for the position. The original eido, Tadija was the one who first wore the Ring of Expansion. Sacred Savior, Sotiren Zahir knew that she was the only one who could be entrusted with it. Her personality prevented her from using such a powerful weapon carelessly. She would only ever wield it under dire circumstances, when nothing else would solve the problem, and when all believe it to be nothing more than a lost cause. She lived and died having never used it once, with those closest to her claiming that she never so much as hinted at the temptation to use it. She was characterized as being humble, quiet, and observant. She spoke little, instead relying on others to come to their own conclusions through empathy and support. Tadija had a beautiful speaking voice, and a linguistic inventory charming enough to turn a bairaz vegetarian. Ladriane might as well be her clone, for her friends describe her the same way. Anyone who listened to her recite the Books of Anseluka and Light could attest to her soothing angelic voice. She was given the Ring of Expansion to carry with her as the new eido, but rejected it. She requested it to either be hidden once more, or destroyed for good. As the official new owner, she had the right to choose which fate the ring would have, and she ended up choosing the latter. It has since been jettisoned into the same star that took the Club of Death.

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