Thursday, November 16, 2017

Microstory 714: Seven Signals Sound

The Book of Anseluka outlines seven final battles, each one led by one of the seven Heroes that appeared from their respective seven universes, to be signaled seven unique sounds. As soon as they arrived in Universe Prime, we believed our troubles to be near over. We assumed the Heroes would want to get to work right away so that they would be able to return home. Out of all of them, The Warrior was really the only one with any slight level of interest in helping us. This may have been because he spends his days suddenly fighting against new enemies, so this didn’t seem abnormal to him. The rest expressed their reservations, for they did not know who we were, or why they should help us fight the Thuriamen. This is understandable, and we knew we wouldn’t be able to convince them with our words alone. They would need to understand the severity of our situation, as told from multiple perspectives. Highlightseers, galaxy leaders, and other respected Fostean citizens held a new summit; the first of its kind. We met with leaders from The Core, Exile, other Lactean systems, and even Earth, on a neutral planet in a random uninhabited galaxy. There we were able to help the Heroes understand just how important it is that we snuff out the Thuriamen threat once and for all. But we also made great strides in our relationship with the Lacteans. Our ties to the communists in the Core are still flimsy, at best, but we have made new friends in the Exiles, who were able to convey to us a desire for traditional capitalistic trade in the open market. We have ignited a new Light of Comradery. In the end, all of the Heroes agreed to help us, for the sake of the greater community. Theirs is a story for a different book, but thanks to them the war was finally ended, complete with a groundbreaking peace deal made between Thuriama, and the rest of us.

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