Friday, November 24, 2017

Microstory 720: Celebrate the Book of Darkness

Fosteans, especially Lightseers, have been filled with such anger for having been betrayed by our founders. We are grateful for the Force of Love, and the other two Forces of Virtue, which affect us with subtler intensity than before, but which have never gone away. But this alone would not be enough. Fortunately, even in all this depression, and despite the uncertainty of the Book of Anseluka’s new taikon, there is still some hope. The penultimate taikon foresees the emergence of a new divine book; one that would change our entire perspective on the universe. The new era is to be marked by the 14 conventions in the Consociation Credo: coordination, collaboration, cooperation, cordiality, congruence, communication, constructiveness, cohesion, commitment, congeniality, collegiality, consensus, compromise, courtesy. A married couple, who met at a study group for hyperobservant people, and who now work together at a small research startup, noticed a complex pattern in the passage text that others seemed to not see. They analyzed these words, and it eventually led them to uncovering an unindexed network file that would never have been found just by searching keywords. This file contained the manuscript for the Book of Darkness. Through an only cursory glance, experts see that this is the divine book that we have been looking for. It does not diminish the teachings in the Book of Light. Nor does it condemn Sotiren and Ivanka for their treachery. It will, however, prove an invaluable resource in braving this new universe, centered upon this idea of the 14 Consociation Credo conventions. The Book of Darkness teaches us that the Light is nothing without the Darkness. Without the latter, it’s just this blinding force that doesn’t allow you to actually see what you’re doing, or where you’re going. Darkness gives life meaning, and we must acknowledge that truth, and appreciate this balance. We still have much to learn from our new proof text, but it is already being distributed to all who wish to read it, completely free of charge. And now it is time to prepare for the outcome of all our work. We still believe in the taikon, even if they were first conceived by the Grand Deceivers, and we know that we have not been through all of this for nothing. The end is near...and so is the beginning.

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