Thursday, November 2, 2017

Microstory 704: Retire the Book of Light

As per the directions in the new Book of Anseluka, the Book of Light must be retired. Retiring a divine book is something we have never done before, but know how to do. The Book of Light itself actually outlines the process in great deal. It does not say when such a thing will be used, but Sotiren Zahir wanted there to be a way of respecting old words should new words supersede it. In his wisdom, he was aware that a book written in one time period may not remain relevant or valuable enough generations later, and when something better comes along, we must be ready for it. For ye, the Sacred Savior was humble and modest. Phase I involves a single individual reading the entire book from start to finish, with zero breaks. The Highlightseers began to work up some kind of lottery, or selection process, but ended up scrapping it. Ladriane Nuvin, the one who first read the introduction to the Book of Anseluka requested to experience this honor as well, and we agreed. She turned the microphone on the Grandmother in the Moon frequency, and began. All Fosteans were provided with the opportunity to listen to any and all of the reading, but were not obligated to do so. It is presented as an option, rather than a requirement, something to be played at a low volume in the background while you’re busy with something else. Stage II was all about burning massive hard copies of the book. It does not say exactly how many qualifies as massive, but we figured we would just open the bonfire the public, and let as many come as wanted to come. It started out small, of course, but grew larger as time went on. The crowd had to keep stepping back and giving it a larger perimeter until the ceremony died down on its own. Upon throwing their copies onto the fire, people generally vocalized sadness for their loss. Many prayed to the Light of Prosperity, thanking the Sacred Savior for his words, and pleading for something just as powerful to find them soon. After the fire was Round III, which entailed burying the ashes of the books in the ground in a giant grave that must be dug manually, by as many people as can fit. Though not required by the terms of a book retirement, an impromptu performance formed at the gravesite. Singers and other musical artists began to show off their talents over the rest of the night, and most of the next day. People periodically came and went to convey their reverence. It’s important to understand this doesn’t mean we can’t read from the Book of Light anymore...or even that we shouldn’t. Its words are still meaningful, and useful, but we must look to the future, and continue on our new path. The retirement of a divine book is more about the starting fresh, and less about destroying the past.

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